Video Review: Omi & AronChupa "Drop In The Ocean"

OMI stands by himself, wearing a white shirt and pants, against a sky blue background.

Four women, wearing Persian blue bikinis, drape themselves over an anchor.

Back against the sky blue background, OMI sits underneath a Persian blue umbrella with the four women sitting next to him.

One of the woman sits on top of the anchor as a giant bubble floats by her. Another woman stretches out on the anchor. The image becomes minimized, mimicking a television screen.

The four women sit on two benches, performing some choreography with their legs. against the sky blue background. Then, with OMI, they dance beside him, incorporating Persian blue beach balls into the choreography.

Then, one of the women poses against a mustard yellow background, wearing her Persian blue bikini. The women return to the mustard yellow background, with sunny yellow bikinis and Persian blue beach balls in their hands. He stands by himself against the mustard yellow background wearing a black dress shirt and pants.

The background flashes from the mustard yellow back to the powder blue as the women dance around him. After about 30 seconds or so, it rotates back to OMI standing by himself against the mustard yellow background in the black dress shirt and pants.

Against the mustard yellow background, AronChupa playing a canary yellow guitar on a stool with two women in matching bikinis dancing beside him. Then, OMI stands in the center as AronChupa plays off to the far left. AronChupa grins as he plays in the center, with a women on each corner.

The backgrounds switch back and forth from powder blue to yellow again.

Against the powder blue background, a bubble pops over a woman stretched out on the anchor. OMI stares at both women and tips his sunglasses down to his nose. The rotation begins again.

Against the powder blue background, OMI stares into the camera as he stands by himself.

Rating: 3/5

The ocean blue, summery and serene, contrasted with OMI’s vibrant white outfit, is pretty in the way one thumbs through swatches while at Lowe’s, picking out paint for the kitchen remodel.

Then, a model poses against the mustard yellow background, with sunny yellow bikini and matching sunglasses, squeezing out powder blue background to the right side of the screen. The shade, which seems to blend in some copper subverts its polite stereotype to competitive and cutthroat.

When the sky blue returns, it resets the status quo. The brief interjections of the yellow, though, push out the blue gradually. It eventually manages to get half the screen time as the blue. The split screen, which is underused, gives a glimpse of complex color blocking. However, its sticks to simple saturations, diluting itself into ordinary.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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