Video Review: Sheryl Crow "The First Cut Is The Deepest"

In Utah, The sun sets over the behind the mountain. The clouds roll by the loop within the stone.

Mid-day, Sheryl Crow strums her guitar, while leaning on the beige stone. The water bubbles from the river behind her as she plays. She continues to play on the sand, in her cowboy boots.

She has two horses with her — one she rides and the other she leads. While riding, the horses gallop past the glistening lake. She stands on the edge of the stone, which has a stripe of gray lining it.

Around the evening, she whispers to the first horse, telling he’s been a sweet boy all day long.

Barefoot, she kneels on the stone, playing her guitar.

After taking a break for dinner, she continues to ride the horse on the trail. Returning back home. she rides the horses while leading the other on the trail.

She leads the horse by the lake, allowing him to rest and drink some water.

Lit in an electric blue, Sheryl Crow pops her head out of the river within a cave.

She runs her hands in the sand soaked water.

She rests her head on the horse’s neck, content.

The sun begins to set as she plays.

Rating: 3.5/5

A day hike, away from the phone ringing off the hook and television, is what she needs. She can spend time with her horses and cuddle with them as much as she pleases. At home, she’s unable to think and a deadline is near.

After the constant stream of hotels, planes and venues, the mountains are calming. She can compose and fix whatever lyrics she needs to and not worry about anyone hearing her. It’s only her and her horses.

The electric blue may have been one of the options to light the cave and allow her to be seen. However, the ominous neon takes the video the direction of sci-fi horror instead. It’s although a nearby camper had been stalking her and trapped her inside, Her head bobs in the water and she stays low, although it were attached to something.

Director: Wayne Isham Year: 2003


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