Video Review: Walk The Moon "Work This Body"

Sometime during the 1980s, a teacher says basic French words to her fourth period class. They repeat the words back to her.

A 13-year-old boy, wearing an outfit with feathers on the shoulders and a multi-colored mohawk, takes notes. His classmate, a boy dressed in a red leather jacket (which is similar to the one Michael Jackson wore in “Beat It”) throws balled-up pieces of paper at him. Annoyed, he looks at his Walk The Moon lunchbox. A girl, with long auburn hair slaps the other’s boy hand for tricking the multi-colored mohawk boy into turning around, then hitting him. The teacher, writes in French, what would you do on the chalkboard.

The multi-colored mohawk boy waits in line to perform at the talent show. The red leather jacket boy spits on him. Three friends give the red leather jacket boy a disgusted look as he walks away. On his lunchbox, Nicholas flashes alive and screams.

In the cafeteria, the kids sit with their tables facing the stage. Three girls perform a dance routine. The kids cheer and the multi-colored mohawk boy is in awe.

Against a turquoise lined background with a jelly green moon, Nicholas sings.

Next, a boy, wearing a magician’s hat sticks a girl in a box. He shows his classmates the saw and they gasp. He begins to saw at the box. He opens the door and she is unharmed. The boy and the rest of his classmates sigh with relief.

A boy, with long, pitch-black hair goes on stage and thumps on the drums. He gets mixed reviews from the kids.

Then, the multi-colored boy appears on stage and puts his lunchbox on the stool. The kids wonder what his talent is going to be. He opens the lunchbox and the boy in the red leather jacket boos. He puts his head down, imagining Nicholas and then his teacher winking at him with approval. He throws some food right at the boy in the red leather jacket. After an awkward pause, all the kids began to laugh at the boy in the red leather jacket. He throws some more food towards the right. It starts a food fight.

A kid slips on the floor. The multi-colored mohawk boy zeroes in on his classmates as he squirts mustard. One of the dancers squeezes ketchup on her friend. The multi-colored mohawk boy raises the first place trophy over his head. Some food splats on the black screen.

Rating: 2/5

The costume design team on the video deserves an honorary Academy Award. The red leather jacket is copied seam by seam from Michael Jackson’s original. The boy, with the multi-colored mohawk, is dedicated to the New Wave era. It’s a homemade outfit he asked his mom to make, which explains the construction board feathers with lines drawn on by marker.

The complex designs are saved for the band. Nicholas has the leather pants with real dyed feathers on his black shirt. His hair has been evenly shaded a powder blue on both sides with hot pink in the center. Meanwhile, the other band members wear all black with matching capes. Their headpieces vary from spiky to being an oversized crown (which falls off in a mad rush of playing).

Nonetheless, the multi-colored mohawk boy snaps during his act at the talent show and throws food at the bully who has been taunting. His classmates are shocked. He’s the quiet, artistic kid that doesn’t ever talk back. But they like that he stood up to him.

The video wants to empower kids to stand up for themselves. But it does so by rewarding bad behavior. However, the bully doesn’t get his proper comeuppance, considering it’s at the expense of the kids who competed in the talent show.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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