Video Review: Madonna "Ghosttown"

On the television, an emergency broadcast shows the warning. It explains, amidst destruction of high-rises and explosions, nuclear devices were discharged in New York, Paris, London and Los Angeles. It then gives instructions for people to stay away from the heat.

Madonna rustles awake on her mattress. She slides off and then watches one of the blasts on the television. She puts her ear to her screen and then walks around her family room. At her vanity, she picks up a framed photo of her mother and kisses it. She puts a cross necklace around her neck and then snuffs the flame of a candle with her fingers.

She walks to her porch and picks up a rod. Small fires burn in her neighborhood. She finds her a top hat and puts it on her head. A rat sniffs for food. Fallen street signs have been gathered in a pile.

She surveys the damage. On the wall. a poster featuring her album art is singed by the flames. A hungry wolf searches for food. She swings on a playground set.

On the street, a man (Terrence Howard) cooks his food. Madonna slumps in a chair, scared. She tries to make a call but the payphone is out. She cries. With her golf club, she starts to break the chairs. The man looks up, wondering what’s causing the noise. He gets his gun and heads upstairs. From there, he spots her and is ready to pull the trigger. However, he stops when she realizes he’s watching her.

In a home, a little boy sits on a couch. The man points the gun on Madonna. She gets up from the chair and they circle one another. He tosses his gun. They begin to dance. The little boy takes tentative steps towards them. Together, all three walk hand-in-hand through the wreckage. The wolf follows them.

Rating: 4.5/5

Citizens of the United States of America had been on edge on weeks. A dictatorship had taken hold of the government with an unhinged President alienating longtime allies and threatening other world leaders.

One world leader had been forecasting the nuclear strike for several months. But with multiple scandals in the news cycle, it had gone under reported. A few spoke about it on social media but mostly it had been ignored by the mainstream media.

However, no one saw the four simultaneous attacks in Western Europe and then in the United States. Neighborhoods were pulverized in seconds. Survivors were few. In a city of millions of people, only three people seem to be alive. No rescuers were available to help. Area hospitals were gutted and crumbled from the blast.

Madonna and the man (Terrence Howard) are defensive, unsure if the other will kill. The man wants to protect his food. It’s all he managed to find among the rubble. Madonna, realizing her gender makes her vulnerable, carries a golf club.

A little boy, lost and without a family, seeks them out and together, they seek shelter and some form of civilization.

Director: Jonas Akerlund Year: 2015


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