Video Review: Evanescence "Call Me When You're Sober"

Amy Lee sings directly to the camera. She takes off her hood, speaking to her boyfriend as they eat dinner on the long dining table. Sitting in the fur-trimmed chair, he glares at her and then bites into an apple.

In the leaf strewn foyer, the band plays.

Lee sits in a hallway, petting four wolves. The walls are decorated with winding pine green trees, their branches stretching to the tips of the corners.

At her vanity, she takes off her jacket and sings. Her boyfriend comes up behind and rubs her shoulders. He breathes on her neck.

She walks down a flight of stairs to the dining room. There, four women dance to the left of her. After they dance on the floor, she elevates to the ceiling. The four women spin to the top.

She begins to walk on the dining table,Freaked out, he watches as the plates break and silverware clangs on the kitchen floor as she moves the objects with her mind.He leans back into his chair, praying for mercy. She puts her finger on his lips.

Rating: 3/5

It’s first suspected Amy Lee’s boyfriend may be a wolf. His eyes glow and when angered, he glares at her. Across from the dining table, it seems as though he’s setting up a trap. He bites into the apple, hoping to scare her.

In the mansion, she takes care of the wolves (which could be their children), tending to them in their secluded hallway on the balcony. The wolves look up at her, pleading with her to break daddy’s spell. She has healed them from time and time. Like her, they want to be free of his grasp.

The four spirits imbue their power onto her. They have guided her as she learned how to control it. Now, they believe, she is able to battle with him. She has the strength.

Character development is limited to Lee. While her boyfriend may be the villain, he is perceived to be supernatural but it’s unclear as to whether he’s a shapeshifter or a wolf. However, the den of wolves is without any explanation. She is a mother to them. However, whether they were changed or human once is unknown. Description only goes so far.

Director: Marc Webb Year: 2006

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