Video Review: Blake Shelton "Honey Bee"

Outside her home, a young woman hangs a hand painted sign stating “Honey For Sale.” Sh stacks jars of Tupelo Honey on one another. She sets up her till.

Blake Shelton sits in his recliner, playing his guitar while his dog lies next to him.

Proud of her accomplishment, she changes the handmade painted sign to “Open” and waits for customers.

He drives by, unable to take his eyes off her off. He parks and then greets her. She explains the various kinds of honey she has and offers recommendations. He points to a jar and buys it.

The next day, two young boys are shopping at her stand. The one young boy comments to himself on her beauty. Shelton says hello the young boys. The boys, sensing competition, glare at him. He chases them away and then buys several more jars.

At home, the jars sit on his dining table.

She brushes his hand with a penny and he closes his eyes, contented at her touch. He leaves  with a grocery bag full of honey.

Back at home, he lets the dog sniff a jar and lick it.

Later in the week, her stand is busy. She sells a jar to an older man, who hits Shelton with his cane in the stomach. He moves to the back of the line. She blows a kiss. He grins, thinking it’s for her. But the young boy nods his head, triumphant and smirks at him.

Shelton loads the back of his pick-up truck with boxes of honey.

At home, his dining table is stacked with jars of honey.

He drives up to her stand and notices the “Out of Business” sign. He leans against his truck, thinking of what to do. She walks to her stand, says hello to him and sticks a sign in the grass, stating “Sorry – No More Honey.” He asks her if she would like to go for a ride. She says yes. He opens the door for her and then on the way to the driver’s side, he exclaims “yes!” to himself.

Rating: 4.5/5

Blake Shelton likes the pretty young entrepeneur on his block. Everyday, he comes by to talk to her. However, he’s not the only one who wants her company — two young boys and an older man vie for her attention.

For the young woman, the Tupelo Honey stand was a test of her skills. It gave her confidence to try her own venture. The barrage of men, though, was good for her ego. However, she wonders if they would’ve bought from her if she had a gap in her tooth or wore glasses. One man, Blake Shelton, was kind. Like a teenager, he visited her as much as he could to talk to her.

Shelton, for the record, hadn’t used any of the honey yet. He’s thinking of giving some away to his family or storing it. When he invites her over, he doesn’t want her to see her inventory on his dining table, unused.

Director: Trey Fanjoy Year: 2011

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