Video Review: Jason Derulo,Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign "Swalla"

Jason Derulo sits on a royal blue hued stage with sparkling lights. A woman, with magenta hair rests her head on his knee. A line of women follow her. They stick their butts up in the air, their bodies causing water to splash. They spring up, their hair wringing wet and crawl.

On the multi-colored stage, he sings into a microphone, a puddle of water surrounding him and the young women (all dressed in a silver cocktail dress and magenta cropped wig) playing the instruments. Thick bars of color in between pieces of black color the background.

Back on the stage, the background has returned to royal blue as he dances with the first group of women. As they dance, they bite into a rainbow lollipop and lick it.

Against a plain royal blue background, Ty Dolla $ign raps as a woman shakes her butt. She drinks some soda and then wipes her lips with her finger. Two different women join him, dancing alongside him. The background changes to a citrus orange. A woman holds up of Beluga liquor. Derulo joins him, pretending to drink. They are shown standing back to back in silhouette and then back to normal.

The color changes to cherry red. Derulo stand between two women they dance next to him. Another women jumps onto his hips backwards.

Back on the multi-colored stage, he performs as the women decorate pea green Mustang.

Against the citrus orange background, he pours liquor into a women’s glass as they stare at one another.

Twinkies are renamed after Derulo, as well as the lollipops, soda and Sugar Daddies.

In a candy-coated rainbow striped room, the camera rotates and then centers itself. There, Nicki Minaj sits in a sunny yellow chair with a multi-colored visor over her eyes. Derulo joins her as they huddle in the corner, wearing fur coats.

A woman leans back in a chair, her body colored with paint. He puts two fingers on his body and runs them down her chest. He performs on the multi-colored stage with the young women.

Rating: 1/5

The bombastic neon, over saturated and extreme, strains the senses. There is too much to color, turning certain sections invisible. By Nicki Minaj’s section, it’s psychoactive, predisposed to seizures and convulsions. Usually, the hint of silver would be a cool accent. However, it becomes bothersome against the many colors behind her.

Unfortunately, the young women are nothing but skin for Jason Derulo to touch and slither about. When a young woman jumps on his hips backwards, his eyes go straight to her butt and don’t leave. If he prefers to lust after women, he should do it on his own personal time while clubbing and stop using his videos to do so.  Whatever respectability and goodwill he gained, has been doused with color and cleaned dry from the oil on the women’s bodies.

Director: Gil Green Year: 2017

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