Video Review: Paramore "Still Into You"

Sitting upright in her bed, surrounded by vanilla frosted cakes with birthday candles, Hayley Williams folds her arms across her chest. Knees up on the bed, she dances. She lies on the bed, her nightstand piled with cupcakes and a cake decorated with a lavender rose in the middle.

She and her band members ride their silver foiled bikes around the house.  They turn the recreation room into a skating rink. Splashes of yellow spot the walls as Williams dances. Her band members’ spokes light up silver. She chases one of her band members around, riding on the back of his bike. They stand against the wall.

In the family tents, tents are set up. Ballerinas perform around Williams.

Sitting in a boat, she claps her hands, as the ocean of balloons tumble. Her two band members pop out and clap from the sides of the boat. She holds an umbrella as balloons head her way. She and her band members row through the balloons. Her band members spin the boat around. Williams kicks some balloons.

They bike around the house again and lean against the wall.

In the backyard, Williams and her two band members wave around sparklers. Fireworks go off in the sky.

Rating: 5/5

Each room in the house is a wish come true. The bedroom,  with multiple cakes, is a pastry party, frothing in decadent sweetness.  Meanwhile, in the recreation room, she and her band members bike around, full of boundless adolescent energy.

The boat in an ocean of balloons is a bucket list moment, though. It’s an arresting visual that would seem cartoonish and over the top on paper. However, it’s toned down and played straight as much as possible.

Hayley Williams’ updates Cyndi Lauper’s She’s So Unusual look. Her bright hair is restrained and straight. Her outfit is a plain pink skirt with jagged yellow painted leggings, the ironic Dweeb t-shirt and pastel jacket. While it won’t be considered iconic (although it should be), it’s individual and something only she could wear.

Director: Isaac Rentz Year: 2013

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