Video Review: Axwell & Ingrosso & Kid Ink "I Love You"

At about 9 p.m., Kid Ink is driving, wincing in pain.

At about 9 pm,, he and several women drive out to a mansion. The young women throw him around and put him on the floor and kiss him on both cheeks.

Afterwards, one of the young women climbs up on the table in the living room while he kisses another young woman on the neck. They toss money at the young woman on the table.  He sits on the couch and watches as one of the young woman undresses her friend.

They have sex in the shower. Kid Ink stands on a painting with the song’s title graffitied on it.

At about 6 am, they clink their glasses of wine outside on the patio and stay there until the evening.

In the car, Kid Ink caresses one of the young women. Meanwhile, one of the young women, wearing a clear bathrobe, watches from the window of the home. They go back inside.

On the floor, Kid Ink makes out with the woman he was sitting next to in the car. In the bathtub, two women make out. Then, the tattooed woman puts her hands on the other girl’s neck and strangles her under water. The tattooed women shakes, gritting her teeth and then pulls her wet hair back.

On the floor, Kid Ink touches the young women’s lips. It seems as though she isn’t breathing. He moves her head. The tattooed women gets her gun and shoots Kid Ink.

Kid Ink drives, half-dead as he steers the car. His eyes close as the car swerves on the road.

The two young women spread out on their bear rug, with their heads back.

Rating: 2/5

Nudity and sex replaces the characterization, which makes the twist seem as though it were a last-minute justification. The three women blend together, given they all sleep with Kid Ink at one point or another. They are decked out in jewels and dresses underneath darkened teal lightning, which doesn’t highlight their features. The murderess’ tattoo isn’t seen until they are in the shower together. Even then, they have their backs towards the camera.

When the tattooed young women watches the Kid Ink and her friend in the car, the resentment surfaces into a vicious expression. The young woman in the car senses something but is distracted by Kid Ink. While the young woman with her is lulled into an intimate situation and then killed. Being Kid Ink is a witness, she shoots him as the murderess’ friend pretends to have been poisoned. However, some foreshadowing other than the opening scene would’ve been helpful. Without any reasoning or development of the two murderous women, it’s simply a reckless night for Kid Ink, which would be a footnote on the evening news rather than a fascinating case for the nightly crimes to unravel.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2017

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