Video Review: AJR "Weak"

The subway train rolls down the track. Adam has fallen asleep on another man’s arm. Another young man sits on the floor, his head down as he sleeps. Adam wakes up and sees no one is on the train. He shakes the young man sitting on the floor and the taps the other guy’s cheek. He shouts “wake up!”

He stands up, teetering by the door. His body shakes. Wide-eyed, he looks towards a bright light at the end of the other door. He gives one final look to other two young men and continues to walk. In the background, the other band members of AJR are playing their insturments. Adam spots a sign that reads: “Go Back”  He lurches forward.

He enters another door and then moves from pole to pole. He sees stairs and then heads left. But the window blocks him. He hits his body against it. Someone walks by and he yells “help me!” He gets thrown backwards but adjusts himself.

He sees the white light and enters through another door. Blood red lighting covers the train. as he slides on the floor from pole to pole.  He sees the light again and bows down to it. Walking steadily and with energy, he opens the door. He covers his eyes from the blinding light. When he looks down, the train has disappeared and his feet are on the wooden tracks.

Rating: 1/5

When Adam wakes up, he’s disoriented. Unable to wake up the people next to him, he stands up, off-balance and tries to remember where he is going. He isn’t sure if he is alive or dead. However, with each step forward, the shaky cuts follow. Unfortunately, the cuts hide details and distort the Adam’s point of view.

The anticlimactic ending results in asking several more questions rather than resolving anything. Is he alive? Is he searching for heaven? Once the train has disppeared, is it decided that he’s in limbo or was he given new life? Factor in the confusing sign which states “Go back,” it can be determined that Adam isn’t anywhere positive at the moment.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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