Video Review: Aerosmith "Angel"

On the star streaked stage, three Parisian blue spotlights the band. At the song’s start, Steven kicks his leg up in the air.

Steven strums his guitar in his apartment. Outside a painted wall of drums, Joey taps his legs. Joe plays the guitar while standing in the road. Steven plays the piano. In his room, Brad plays the guitar.

On stage, an angel flies over the arena. The stage turns to gravel, leaving only Steven singing into his microphone. An eye is seen, which leads to Steven’s face. His face fades. By the fire escape of his apartment building, he sings. The camera pans upward to the bright sun.

In their apartments, the band members smash their instruments against the wall, breaking it.

Steven sings in his apartment. Brad opens a floorboard which leads to him knocking the television on the first floor.

An angel, covered in white, flies over Steven. He moves his face to avoid getting hit by her feet. He looks into the mirror and view her putting her hand on his shoulder. He puts his hand on the mirror. He turns to her and reaches for her as she floats away. He clenches his fist.

He opens his fist as she stands on the sidewalk in a trench coat and hat. The band gathers by his apartment.

Against an aqua blue curtain, the silhouette of a woman dances. Steven’s breath in the cold air forms the angel he keeps seeing. He watches the woman dance. He reaches for her, pulling the curtain and twists it towards him.

In bed, Steven takes the sheet off his chest and reaches for the angel with both hands floating above him. She spins around the room.

Joe continue to play the guitar in the middle of the road.

While singing in concert, the angel floats by Steven.

Back in the room, the angel runs her hand down his chest to his crotch.

Underneath the orange light, Steven reaches out his hand.  The band continues to perform, with the angel floating over the audience. Joe and Brad join Steven at the microphone.

After the show, Steven walks out of the venue with his arm around a young woman. He turns and spits out a feather over his shoulder.

Rating: 2/5

Steven Tyler reaches for her as though he were grabbing her breasts. He lunges in bed, practically bending his limbs to get her. Then, she touches his chest and crotch. When he sees her in the mirror, it’s as though he’s a wide-eyed teenaged boy discovering he has a crush.

Joe Perry, who smirks on stage, maintains his cool by playing guitar in the road and the desert. He lifts it to his chest to hit the chord. He’s above it all, relieved not to pretend to like some computerized angel.

Tyler does try to get his swagger back at the end when he spits out the feather. However, after chasing a computerized angel and mooning over her, it as though he was watching the dailies and realized Perry was upstaging him. Then, he asked the director to change the ending something macho.

Callner, though, seems to have attempted to be artful but gave up halfway through. Once Tyler finds himself twisted in the curtain, Callner sticks to the floating angel and focuses on the band instead.

Director: Marty Callner Year: 1988


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