Video Review: Zedd & Jon Bellion "Beautiful Now"

Two young women run down the stairs of a building. They kiss. The auburn haired young women rests by the window, her eyes closed. Meanwhile, the long-haired young woman is floating in the water, her lips tight.

A man hugs the mail woman who comes to his house. His shakes his neighbor’s hand. He puts on his cowboy hat. Then, he rides his horse into the mountains. He stops and kisses his horse on the nose. Then he pushes him away, smacking his butt. Using his cane, he begins to climb.

A car drives up, full of men with guns. A young man sees them through the window and hides in the corner. He peeks as they demand his father’s money. He puts his back on the wall, praying.

At a convenience, a group of young man walk down the beverage aisle, running their hands over the bottles. Zedd pus some beer in his jacket. The fiftysomething owner taps him on the shoulder and asks him to hand over the bottle. Zedd shoves him.

The young man finds a gun on a table. The auburn haired young woman lies on the train tracks. The train runs over her.

Their lives used to be joyful once. Zedd would hang out with his friends after school. The young man loved going to the barbershop and getting his hair cut. He dated a young woman for a while and they would spend time at the pier. The older man traveled with his friends, sharing stories as they rode in the back of a pick-up truck.  He had grandchildren that would visit him and he put them on his shoulders.  He would tend the ranch and watch his horses run.

The young woman survives. She sits up, her breathing heavy. She walks back to the building and throws up over the window.  The older man continues to climb. Zedd pulls out a knife. Zedd tells his friends to run and they race out of the store.

The young man pulls a gun on some neighbors. The neighbor puts his glass down slowly. The older man reaches for some rock. However, he slips.

The auburn haired young woman would sit by herself in the park, smoking. She hung out with her boyfriend at his apartment.

Two men grab the long-haired woman from the water and perform CPR. The auburn haired woman walks away and cries in the bathroom. Zedd looks at hims reflection in the knife. The older man sees his face in the water. The young man glances at the mirror.

The horse runs free. Zedd and his friends run up the bleachers. The two young women kiss underwater. The long-haired young woman twirls around on the rooftop and leans against the street art in her city. Zedd walks home by the overpass.

Rating: 5/5

Their lives are over. All four people featured may exist but they will be husks, forced to compartmentalize the crimes they committed to live. The faces will stay with them.

Zedd, though, is the only one who seems to have a chance. He realizes pulling the gun was a mistake. He couldn’t do it. It was only a threat. But it’s a choice that will change his future forever. He stares at his image in the knife, watching his dreams fade. The police will arrive eventually to arrest him.

For the young woman, it may have been an accident. She called 911 and waited for the ambulance. She could’ve pulled her out of the water but she didn’t know CPR. But she thought it may make her even more guilty. She doesn’t care about her life, though. Even if she gets charged with murder, at least her prison will finally have bars.

The older man has given up on life. His favorite horse would be better off on his own. He believes a rescue group will take him in and a wonderful little girl who always wanted a horse will be happy with him. But after he slips on the rock, he reconsiders, regretting what he is doing.

The young man wants revenge for the fear inflicted on his family. He wants someone, anyone to pay. He takes his gun and pulls it out on his neighbors. He tells them to put their hands behind their heads. Unfortunately, there is no hope for him. Hearing his father plead for his life broke him. Now, he will no longer work. He will rob.

Director: Jodeb Year: 2015

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