Video Review: Christina Perri "Burning Gold"

Christina Perri looks through the bars of the window, watching people pump gas and leaving the restaurant next door, carry out bag in hand.  The owner pours a drink for a drunk woman, gaping at him. She looks at the microphone, thinking she should be singing and not working at the bar. She returns to the counter and sees singer Buddy Nelson stroll in with two women on his arms. The owner fires her. She throws the towel down.

In the booth, Buddy whispers in one of the woman’s ears. Perri performs at the microphone, drawing Buddy’s attention away from the women. He tips his glasses down, in awe of her. The owner spits in his glass. She leaves with Buddy, giving her former boss a resentful glance.

The marquee at the city theater reads: “Buddy Nelson and the Starlights.” In the middle, she sings and snaps her performs as one of the Starlights while Buddy sings at the piano. Before one of the shows, she puts blush on her face. Buddy walks in. She rises from her seat and he touches her chin. They kiss.

Several months later, the marquee reads: “Tonight Only. Stina Starr featuring Buddy Nelson.”

In a copper dress, she sings, with two background singers and a circle of honey lights shining behind her.

Returning home after some promotional work for her new album, she walks to their bedroom and spots her husband, Buddy sleeping with another woman. She walks to the balcony and sees the groundskeepers tending to the lawn. She watches the fountain spray water.

She drives his car into the street and torches it. She walks away while it burns.

Rating: 5/5

Christina Perri hated working at the bar. The owner overscheduled her and her songwriting would often go neglected. She brought up performing but the owner brushed her off, not even offering her an audition. She felt as though she wouldn’t ever get out. Then, Buddy Nelson walked in for a drink. The owner fired for not taking an interest in her work. At that point, she had nothing to lose and she started to sing at the microphone.

Within that week, Buddy Nelson asked if she would like to be a background singer for him. She began performing on national tours. She and Buddy fell in love on the road. During their engagement, her star rose. By the time they married, she had eclipsed him in terms of fame.

She began performing on her own, addressing his absence and stating her love for him. An incident at an awards show, where he sneered at her, sparked talk of a breakup. Rumors were being leaked to the gossip sites that he resented her success and she used him. It disappointed her to hear that but she stayed with him, believing they could work it out. He was the one person who gave her a chance. Nonetheless, his betrayal was something she couldn’t rationalize. She left him not long after.

A year and a half later, she’s involved in a low-key relationship with a banker. She’s planning an international tour and recording a new album, which her boyfriend supports. Her mother says she loves him and hopes she’s marries him, adding she didn’t care much for Buddy. She recovered from a hellish year intact.

Director: Jay Martin Year: 2014

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