Video Review: Snakehips & MØ "Don’t Leave"

MØ sits on top of the railing, staring into her boyfriend’s (Francesco Cuizza) eyes while the subway train rolls by. Deciding to walk instead, she hops up and down . He tells her to calm down.

Underneath the candy apple red light, they dance in his apartment.

Earlier in the afternoon, they went over the grocery list. He wrote things down as she mentioned the things they needed.  They begin to make out.

They fall onto his bed, lit in the candy apple red, as he kisses her stomach. She dances around by herself.

She pricks his skin with a tack and he exclaims “ouch”  They hang out with his friends by the park.  They talk about a new restaurant they found and the group should go there one day.

A brunette woman introduces herself to her boyfriend and they talk.

MØ puts her hands over his eyes and uncovers them, showing him the cake she made, filled with candles. She dabs some frosting on his face and he blows out the candles. She claps. A few days ago, he had gone out on a date with the brunette woman. They got something to eat. She bought him a cupcake from the pastry store next to his apartment building. They talk at the bar.

On the subway train, MØ nestles into his neck. At the club, she gets a little drunk and he puts his arm around her to steady her. She asks him at the club if she still loves her. He bumps her on the nose. .While eating dinner, he puts his hand on his forehead as their conversation is condensed to one syllable and silence. Holding her chip, she says she doesn’t know what to do anymore and throws the fry at him. He throws it back to her.  She laughs and he tells not to do it.  They ride in the elevator. He looks to the ceiling, his arms folded. She tries to make eye contact and then looks down.

With the brunette woman, he smiles as they hang out at the park. He feeds her some of his hamburger. They wait for the subway train and then make love in his apartment.

At the club, MØ puts her arms around him and he tells her to leave him alone. In bed, she leans over to hold onto him but he moves.

While hanging out at the bar with her friends, MØ spots him walking in  with his arm around the brunette woman. She passes by him and he catches up with her. By the stairs, she cries and he holds onto her shoulders. She tells him to get away. Behind the bar, she walks towards him and asks him not to go. He leaves. She breaks down into sobs.

Rating: 5/5

It’s a punch to the gut when he begins dating the brunette woman. MØ cares for him. They’ve been dating for a year and they’ve been talking about moving in together. However, while they were waiting for the train, he chastised her for hanging all over him. It wasn’t really like him but she figured he was in awful mood.

However, for the most part, everything seemed fine. They hung out with his friends and still having sex. After his birthday, he got distant and it began to worry her. They started to fight and he seemed bothered by her affection. She suspected that perhaps he was going to break up with her. However, she didn’t expect him to walk into a bar they both frequent with another woman. They broke up that night. She tried to salvage it when he came to pick up with his things but he didn’t even look at her.

The video plays with the gray area of when a significant other meets someone else. He liked MØ but had more in common with the brunette woman. The brunette woman is less touchy-feely and seems to have a quiet personality. She’d rather have a drink or two than getting sloppy drunk. She seems to be a better match for him.

However, he seemed unable to do the right thing and break up with MØ when he realized he wanted to date the brunette woman. He began to resent her and pushed her, wanting to get her ticked off and leave him. Nonetheless, he wanted to get caught. It was blatant and far too coincidental. His feelings changed, which is normal, but he didn’t have to screw MØ over.

Director: Malia James Year: 2017

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