Video Review: Gloria Estefan & The Miami Sound Machine "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You"

At the concert, the drummer shouts as he plays. The crowd claps and jumps to the music. The drummer points to fan with his drum stick, his mouth wide open.

Gloria Estefan slaps her hand on a table. A streak of teal paint is underneath her eyes and mixed in her curly hair. She rolls her head.

Further back from the stage, three pale wooden sticks create an open cage. As Estefan continues to slap the table, the each band member gets featured playing their instrument.

Against the magenta background of the stage, she walks slowly between the pale wooden sticks. In her black off-shoulder dress, she sings into her microphone. A man with a mask over his mouth slithers back to his seat. She points to a young man coated in bronze paint and then dances between the sticks, blocking the view.

A young woman, in a white off-shoulder crop top, spins around as she dances to the music. Three white stripes are on her face. Three fans have reached the stage and look at the drummer while he plays. She points her microphone to the audience as they sing along and then dances with one of the guitarists.

Against a magenta painted set with an uneven golden circle, several people perform a dance between the sticks.

One of the guitarists leaps off the stairs and into the audience. Estefan puts her hands on the floor as some of the audience members continue the routine behind her.  The band and audience wave white towels. The dancers/audience members form a circle around Estefan as they shake their arms. They bow after finishing the song.

She gives the camera a primal glare after slapping the table again.

Rating: 1/5

Gloria Estefan, her face streaked with teal paint and dabs of it in her messy hair, enchants as she slaps the table. The spiritualism of the chant has entered her being, exulting her and intensifying her emotions.

The expansion of the image collapses as the wooden sticks obstruct the view on the stage. The dancers begin as audience members and then end up on stage with much explanation. Then, they perform a routine against a cardboard setting, attempting to invoke some tribal music making spirit with a dance.

The Miami Sound Machine seem to think they are in the middle of playing a college party and believe they have become honorary members of the fraternity. Half-drunk, the drummer yells. One of the guitarist leaps off the stage (and decides not to break his guitar, showing some maturity).

Director: N/A Year: 1987


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