Video Review: Nathan Sykes & G-Eazy "Give It Up"

As Nathan Sykes and his girlfriend change positions in bed, the lighting changes from a sleepy blue to a lusty red and then to a dewy green. He sits up, gazing at her while she sleeps and brushes her hair away from her face. They cuddle sideways.

Against an aquamarine background highlighted with some red, he sings.

His girlfriend leads him into a bar, taking him by the tie. They sit at the counter, drinking wine and running their hands through each other’s hair. They make a toast to their solid relationship.

On the rooftop, they stand close to another, breathing in each other, filmed in a sandy filter.

He brushes her hair back as they sit in a booth at the restaurant, their glasses of wine half full on the table. Two vases, with a gold light underneath, border the booth. Wine glasses are set up in the  bussing area. In the booth, their outfits change, representing the multiple times they visit.

He pulls on her jacket and she pushes him to the end of the booth as they make out.

On the elevator, in between kisses, he puts in his key card for the penthouse. His hand slams the buttons.

G-Eazy raps against the aquamarine background.

In bed, she takes off her shirt and throws it to the side and the bends down to kiss him. She moans as he kisses her neck and shoulders.

They move towards the shower, lit in a rusty orange. She throws her head back and he takes off his shirt. He presses her against the door as he kisses her back.

The opening shot of them in bed, rotating in the different colors, closes the video.

Rating: 3.5/5

Nathan Sykes and his girlfriend are young professionals in the city. They met at an industry party and have been inseparable for the last six months. She has moved some of her things into his apartment. But not everything. They haven’t had that discussion yet.

Many evenings with friends have been cut short after he had rubbed her leg under the table or she pulled him close to her, snuggling by his shoulder. When they excuse themselves, stating they are tired and have an early day, their friends snicker and give them a knowing look.

They can’t keep their hands off each other. It’s the first, serious long-term relationship for both. Sex has become something more than a physical urge. They love each other and talk about a future. In two years, they could break up or get engaged. Either way, none will ever experience such a passionate love again.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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