Video Review: Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam "I Wonder If I Take You Home"

A wall of a home is spray painted with the word “rad” on it. A truck passes through the New York neighborhood. The local grocery store has multi-colored flags hanging on its awning and signs advertising cigarettes. An area of apartments has a view of the overpass. Another apartment building has a series of fire escapes. She walks down the street and heads to a cafe.

There, she and the band, along with Full Force perform.

At the cafe, a young man leans in to talk to a young woman from school while another woman sits on the ledge, waiting. Another young man and woman pass by one another, gazing at one another.

A third young woman gives her a boyfriend a doubtful look, who turns to towards her, wondering what’s on her mind. A fourth young woman eyes her boyfriend. He stands, clueless, thinking he has done something wrong. After school, they had cuddled by the ledge at his apartment, lit in aqua blue.

Some young women sit on recliners enjoying the show.

Another couple hangs out by the chain link fence, lit in aqua blue.

Back at the cafe, a young man holds onto his girlfriend’s belt. Lit in aqua blue, they had talked on the steps of the school. Another young couple sits on hood of a car. The young woman seems scared as he starts to bring up sex.

At the counter, fifth young man talks to a young woman.

A band member somersaults on the few inches of the stage. She turns around, swinging her hips. Then, she picks up part of her pants, using it as a prop as she moves.

Lisa Lisa walks straight to the camera twice, her hot pink earrings dangling.

Rating: 2/5

Lisa Lisa’s hot pink parachute pants combined with matching headband is an eyesore amidst the conservative private school fashion of the young crowd in attendance. The wide belt adds weight to the outfit, which is already tight. Nonetheless, it’s bulky on her, enlarging her figure.

The many young couples at the cafe, listen, thinking of their situations with their significant others. In flashbacks of aqua blue, the couples seem to be contemplating what they next step would be. Some women are being pressured into sex while others are ready. However, in the dim glow of the cafe, the young women’s resentment is out in the open as the young men stand, clueless.

A majority of the couples seem okay with their decision, regarding sex, which makes the flashback redundant for certain couples. The young woman, sitting on the hood of the car, seems overwhelmed and naive. She registers the most, given her youth. It would likely be her first time. A majority of the young women, though, seem to be pleasing their boyfriends or ticked off at them.

Director: N/A  Year: 1985


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