Video Review: Lukas Graham "Take The World By Storm"

Sitting on a couch, Lukas performs breathing exercises while one of the band members taps on his phone. Mark and Mangus, bored, look out the window, viewing the early morning sun light and the town’s water tower.

On the expressway, the tour bus rides in the second lane. Mark eats as he watches a movie on his laptop.

At the venue, a sign with the band’s photo states sold out. He rehearses on stage.

The bus drives through the tunnel. Mark takes a photo with his camera. Lukas and the band play Monopoly. Shirtless, Lukas closes the door of his room. They get off the bus and view the stage and the visual.

Back on the road, they stop at North Carolina hotel. A maid has piled a container of used towels. They pass Yummy Buffet. The next morning, with his mouth full, Lukas talks about the movie they watched last night. Later that night, they play pool at the local bar. Lukas pees with the door open in the bathroom.

Mark gets his hair cut and winces. Magnus signs photos. Lukas gets a hair cut and a massage. Outside the venue, a line of people wait for the meet and greet.

They huddle before the show and then go out on stage. Most of the time, Lukas ends up shirtless. In the dressing room, an assistant offers the shirtless band some towels.

At the bar, they pose for photos with fans and talk. They head for the toll booth in Chicago. At another hotel, they relax in the Jacuzzi and Lukas has an interview with a radio station. They pose for photographs for a magazine and then that night, they perform for their fans in Chicago.

To unwind, they listen some people play the saxophone in the bathroom while other people dance.

On the road, they pass by mobile homes and then enter the city again. Lukas chows down on some pizza. At the next stop, their trainer has them doing push ups in the gym. They take a bow.

Lukas faces his fans, shirtless as the spotlight goes out behind him.

Rating: 5/5

The long hours on the bus, where the band members pack their favorite DVDs and board games and then once exhausted, watch the trees as they drive past the nearest town. However, once they arrive, the work begins. They have radio interviews, photo shoots and rehearsals. Downtime is limited. A midnight stop at the local bar includes fans who ask to pose for a picture.

The video offers a personal look into the band’s habits, which sometimes veers into too much information – Lukas pees with the door open and takes big bites of his pizza. The band often goes shirtless on stage, sweating until their bodies are drenched. Although the shirtlessness seems to be a running joke, there’s a practicality to it, given how much they jump on stage.

Director: Rene Sascha Johnson Year: 2016

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