Video Review: Sabrina Carpenter "On Purpose"

At the hotel, filmed with a sepia filter, Sabrina Carpenter opens the curtain on the rainy morning. Through the window, she takes some pictures with her camera. She lies on the bed, thinking. All of which is being recorded on camera by her boyfriend during their trip to London.

As he walks behind her, she beckons him to move closer and then she turns suddenly to the camera, grinning. She walks by a gated black fence and mimes taking a picture as she stands in the crowd. She pushes her hair back and twirls in the middle of the street. In a phone booth, she draws a heart and talks as he waits.

She rolls her eyes, pretending to be annoyed and then sits at the Crimean War Memorial. In the cab, she comments about the sights she once only seen in movies and then gazes out the window after a walking on foot for the most of the day.

In the middle of the street, she blows kisses and tries on sunglasses at a shop. She walks through the field, her hands gracing the tips of the flowers. A duck bites her finger after taking some food from her hand and she jerks her finger away. She tosses a kernel of popcorn at her boyfriend.

After beckoning him again to follow her, they stop for ice cream. She licks her vanilla ice cream as she hold the cone. She hangs on the black fence, smiling. As she skips down the street, she waves her arm by her sides. From their hotel, she blows a kiss to him from the balcony. She swings on one of the poles on the sidewalk and shields her eyes from the sun as she looks out the window of the bus. She peers through binoculars to view the skyline. She mimes playing a flute and then hangs onto the gate.

Rating: 4.5/5

The video of their trip was her boyfriend’s idea. Rather than pictures, they would be able to share the landmarks they’d seen and watch it whenever they want. However, the video stands as his unending devotion to her. He wants everyone to view her as he sees her: a goofy sense of humor, a love of adventure, and adoration of animals.

While she took him to see the standard tourist spots, she also wanted to see the Crimean War Memorial. Monuments and statutes captured her eyes. They only stopped in shops for necessary items like sunglasses or to grab a snack. During the trip, his emotions deepened for her and it shows through the images he chose. He’d rather not embarrass with bed head hair or her crankiness after walking for a while. He wants to see the side of her that got him to take a chance and board a plane overseas for a spontaneous trip.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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  1. One of my daughters asked what I was listening to, my other daughter said, “Something totally awesome!” Fun video and great vocals!

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