Video Review: *NSYNC "It’s Gonna Be Me"

At the toy store, *NSYNC’s previous single, “Bye Bye Bye” plays over the speakers. Past the board game aisle, a young woman walks, browsing the store. *NSYNC dolls of each member are set up on the rack.

The Justin Timberlake doll wakes up and notices the young woman walking by. He puts his hands on the plastic covering him. He hits his fist and punches through. The noise wakes up JC, Lance, Chris and Joey. They break through the plastic and step onto the steel fixture.

Against a royal blue background, highlighted with a sunset orange, the band performs a dance routine, with Justin in the center. A violet border trims the floor.

On the fixture, the dolls wave for help. The soldier figurine rapel down into the empty boxes and knock the packages to the floor. The *NSYNC dolls fight the soldier figurines. The young woman turns around and the toys freeze.

Back to royal blue background, Justin moves to the back and JC takes the center spot. A sea green is added into the colors

The Chris doll helps out the Lance doll up the fixture. They brush off their shoulders.

The cashier runs a doll through the scanner. They see two soldiers at the counter, saluting. The *NSYNC dolls stomp their feet and shout at the unfairness of it all.

On the next shelf, some Modern Dolls wave at the band, a plastic swimming pool, patio furniture and beach home set up behind them.

The band nods to another and climb down the shelf. Joey sits down on the lounge chair, sipping a drink. One of the Modern Dolls poses with them and they take group photos by themselves. A net falls over them.

One of the Modern Dolls waves goodbye to her friend, who got sold.

They end up trapped by the dominoes. Dizzy, Joey knocks over one, causing the entire set up to collapse. Screaming, they run on the top shelf as the young woman walks by, unaware. They rapel back to their shelf and dance. The young woman bends down, watching them. She buys each one.

At the register, Justin becomes human as well as the rest of the band. The cashier freaks out.

On the shelf, Justin knocks the rest of the band over.

The young woman talks with the band as she leaves the store.

Rating: 5/5

At the local toy store, rivalries emerge between the dolls and figurines. During the quiet times, they try to sabotage sales of one another. The soldier figurines, aggressive and attentive, heard some stirring from the boxes below them. They made the first strike, letting the trendy dolls know they were temporary. The week before, they watched as a clerk put some of their comrades into a box and carted them into the stockroom.

The athletic Modern Dolls hold all the power within the store. They are the classic toy and are the best-selling item throughout the year. They also receive the choice items: a sports car, a swimming pool and mansion. Their alliance with the soldiers has been ongoing. Both have outlasted trends and prefer to keep their elite status.

*NSYNC, new to the toy world, are surprised by the animosity. They think the Modern Dolls are their friends but are betrayed by them. The soldiers attacked them for no reason. They want to perform on the shelf in between hours of standing in the plastic.

For the young woman, who decided to purchase them, she was able to turn them human. No longer restricted by packaging, they are free to perform and be a real group.

The subtext of *NSYNC as dolls is apparent. They want to be taken seriously and don’t want to be considered a group for children. They want to be themselves for their audience and grow with them. The Justin Timberlake doll, though, wants it all – A-List status, succesful solo career, an EGOT, which he demonstrates as he knocks over his bandmates towards at the end. It would figuratively happen once he went solo and talk about in interviews.

Director: Wayne Isham Year: 2000



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