Video Review: Ruth B. "Superficial Love"

Under charcoal lightning, a baby blue painted sits with a drawing of heart with the equal sign directed to the mouth. Ruth B. walks towards and sits on the bench, adjusting her jacket. The room lightens to a creamy white and she begins to play. She turns around, takes off her jacket and then dances to the next room.

There, against a pink wall, she flicks balloons with the Facebook like and heart reaction buttons on them. Dancers in t-shirts and distressed jeans perform a routine. One of the dancers puts a crown on her head and another one gives her a robe.

She tosses the robe and takes off the crown as she enters a room of with pictures of couples and the drawing, set in a pattern. She weaves her way through the string of lights hung from the ceiling. She leans back a little and the boxes, which make up the wall, fall onto the floor.

She walks to teal room with golden letters spelling out the words “love” and “xo.” Dancers perform around her as heads for the center. She nods to the one of the dancers and sits on a throne, which is off to the side.

The stage darkens and she sings underneath electric blue light.

She walks into a dim room, where the dancers continue to perform. Star balloons are suspended in air.

She opens the door to the supply room of the stage. She gives the peace sign as she leaves.

Rating: 3.5/5

The theatrical setting  presents the song as a series of imaginative vignettes, acting out the lyrics. Ruth B. and the dancers wear casual clothing and move among balloons picked up from the local party store down the road.

With the homemade sets (such as the wall made of boxes) and the plain painted backgrounds, the low maintenance shoot is similar to the modest beginnings of a burgeoning theater company: Nonetheless, it’s the preparation, from the intern from the local college picks up the balloon order, hoping it doesn’t pop in the car on the way over to the studio to the director, with the first official video since working on commercials at the advertising agency.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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