Video Review: Dido "White Flag"

At a theater near Hollywood and Vine, Dido thanks the crowd and then leaves the stage.

At home, she lies in bed, pictures of her ex-boyfriend (David Boreanaz) in frames surround her.

As she walks down the hallway, a man films with her camera and a reporter asks her questions. Another man talks on his cell phone and jots down notes. In the corner of her eye, she spots her ex walking towards the stage, checking the time on his watch.

She takes a picture frame off the wall and looks at it, remembering his smile. Meanwhile, he leans against the wall, waiting.

She walks through the revolving door to her apartment.

On the street, a young man asks her for her autograph. Bumping the young man’s elbow, her ex signs an autograph for a young woman. She looks at the car parked on the corner and thinks it’s him.

At the traffic light, he talks on his cell phone. Sitting in an identical sports car, she sees him and smiles. She turns her head once she notices he looks to see who has been staring at him.

At the bar, he shows up at the counter, where she is waiting for her drink. Her head is turned away from him. They meet each other’s eyes and grin at one another. She stirs her drink and he watches her. She leaves and he lets out a frustrated sigh.

At the premiere of their new movie, Dido waves to the fans as she walks arm-in-arm with her current boyfriend. Her ex talks with a reporter, with his girlfriend chiming in with an affectionate joke.

She walks through the revolving door to her apartment with a bag of groceries. She drops it in the hallway and puts the package back inside. Meanwhile, her ex opens his apartment next to her.

He sits on his bed, photos of Dido above him covering the wall.

Rating: 2/5

Dido and her ex-boyfriend run into each other everywhere, either nearly missing one another or in the same spot. By the traffic light stop, it has become implausible that they wouldn’t have said something to one another. Even so, the coincidences continue, tainting the believable ones (like them meeting at the movie premiere) along the way.

While it’s established early on that Dido is a famous singer, her ex seems to be crew member, wanting to start breaking down the set as soon as possible. However, he’s as famous as she is. But whether he’s an actor or singer is unclear. Considering they characterized to be alike in every single way, none of their reactions really stand out.

Then, Dido walks into her the revolving door of her apartment. The shot is cut and dropped. It seems to be added in and needed something to for 10 seconds or so.

Director: Joseph Kahn Year: 2003

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