Underneath the Gorillaz’s logo, written in Japanese and then in English reads: “Every dead body that is not exterminated, gets up and kills. The people it kills, get up and kill” from the 1978 movie, Dawn of the Dead. Murdoc lets out a maniacal laugh and then returns a neutral expression as he plays his guitar.

Against a white background, drummer Russel stays in the middle as Murdoc spins to the back of the screen. Noodle and 2-D slide in, with 2-D singing to the right of the screen. Russel’s hat begins to float and storm clouds fill the screen. A ghost, Del the Funky Homosapien emerges, rapping. The band watch as he hovers over them.

Del stomps onto the ice, cracking the surface, turning 2-D red. Large tombstones appear on the ice. Lighting strikes the pitch black sky. 2-D continues to sing as the rain pours over him.

Paws break through the ice, pulling Murdoc down to the ground. A group of dead gorillas stand strong, the tranquilizer dart still in their chest. Murdoc stands in a defensive pose and then runs. The gorillas follow Murdoc over the steep hill. Lightning hits Murdoc and he collapses.

Noodle skips, listening to music, and kicks the gorilla. The ghost’s spirit then vaporizes itself back into Russel’s hat. The gorillas become bones and disappear. The band stands among the tombstones.

Rating: 3/5

A vengeful spirit wanting to attack his rivals with dead gorillas is an original premise. But the ambitious story ties to work in the elements of the band with certain keywords, inserting characters based on marketing.

Del has passed away and is ticked off at the band. However, there is no information as to why he wants to harm them. The band remains blank spaces as Del looms. When Del transports them to an arctic land filled with dead gorillas, Murdoc is prepared to fight but runs away after he realizes he can’t defend himself against them. Noodle doesn’t seem to know the danger she is in and unexpectedly saves the day. 2D and Russel continue to perform.

The arctic land is fully realized from a nightmare. Civilization no longer exists. Tombstones are erected to creatures to honor them by the person who unleashed him. It’s the simple animation of Del, who seems to be hastily scrawled from a notebook, with the lines edited out, that doesn’t fit.

Directors: Jamie Hewlett & Pete Candeland Year: 2001




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