Video Review: Zara Larsson "Lush Life (International Version)"

Zara Larsson rips the necklace from her neck and throws it behind her. The locket falls on the floor.

Against an icy white background with some added shadow by Larsson, she claps her hands and little red animated sparks emit from them.

She walks backwards and then forwards, wearing a gold sequined coat.

In the middle, Larsson is still in shadow while two duplicate images of herself appear alongside her. One is lavender and the other is teal.

She stands by herself, alone, tapping her heart. An red animated heart fills the screen. The background behind her turns pink and white. Her image duplicates to the right of her with two multi-colored versions of herself.

On stage, a ray of color sets and then rises again in a pine green.

She taps her heart again, the colors behind her changing from yellow, green, purple and returning to white again. She puts her hand underneath her lips and the “Shhh” is animated and rolls to the side of the screen. Ocean blue stripes overlay her image.

To the side of the screen, she wears a white tank top.

In silhouette, she spreads her arms out and an animated flame flares up behind her. The silhouette turns a crystal white with jagged shades of red in various curves.

The words “No” are animated on screen and she pushes on off the screen.

In silhouette, an animated orange sun appears with clouds drifting within it. Her silhouette then has electric blue eyes, red lips and a streak of green for the hair added to it.

In the white tank top, she spirals. Then, the screen splits, showing two versions of her falling. She reaches for the something as she spins in the air.

Behind her, an animated skyline at midnight appears and then changes to the ocean, with the sun shining and the waves rolling.

Wearing the gold sequined jacket, she runs and watches lavender confetti gather. Walking towards the screen again, she flips her hair.

With the background changing from various primary colors, she reads a note with a guy’s phone number on it. She throws it over her shoulder.

Walking backwards, wearing the gold sequined coat, red sparks emit from her shoulders.

Rating: 5/5

The color patterns begin with simple shading of her figure and gradually becomes complex as the sequence repeats. With each layer, the animation sharpens and fine tunes the details.

Duplicate images, forming an echo of the original, is common. However, the video improves on it by adding a dark wash to it and then showing its flaws in the following image.

However, the remarkable silhouette of Zara Larsson behind a sun is quick and could be a cutout from a graphic novel. The silhouette, which is often left alone,  is subverted to have eyes and lips. It gives her the apperance of being invisible, making her image larger than life.

Director: Mans Nyman Year: 2015

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