Video Review: Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea "Pretty Girls"

Lounging by her pool, Valerie (Britney Spears) presses play on her cassette player and files her nails as she listens to music.

In Los Angeles, people are speeding on the expressway, unaware of a spaceship hurtling towards the area. A bubbling splash goes unnoticed by Valerie. However, when Mac (Iggy Azalea) rises in the water, she decides to take her in and help. In her bedroom, she teases Mac’s hair and puts her in a denim outfit. Valerie claps once Mac stands up and then gives her a hug. Over her shoulder, Mac’s eyes glow towards the television, which then blows up.

Valerie and Mac drive around Hollywood, listening to music and dancing in the car. They wave at people and Spears blows kisses. She stops at the car wash where, with a flick of her finger, Azalea turns the water to pink. The guy pulls the hose to his head. Spears dances with the guys at the car wash.

A curious Mac finds an ATM and then touches it to see what it does. It gives her an electric shock and money flies out of it. Valerie put her hand on her chest as she sees the money. Valerie and Mac dance together as the money falls.

Valerie waves at her friends, who arrive in a sports car. Mac follows Valerie copying her wave. Valerie says hello to them and the young woman with the brunette asks about Mac. Valerie explains she’s an alien. Mac repeats their words. Valerie says her phone isn’t working and Macsays she can fix it. Her eyes glow and it turns into a smartphone. Her friends compliment Mac on her powers. Mac offers to call someone and says they are heading over to their house.

In the car, Valerie and Mac pose and dance together in the back.

At the 24 hour club, Mac strides in and winks. Meanwhile, Valerie performs a routine with a group of dancers. Mac stands next to her after posing by some televisions. One of her friends hears a noise. The tables begin to shake and the glasses tumble to the floor. Sparks crackle at the counter, causing the bartender to cover his eyes. The spaceship arrives in the middle of the dance floor, shining two lights on Mac and Valerie. Valerie claps as Mac grins at her. They both wait.

Rating: 3/5

The first and last scenes are taken from the 1988 movie Earth Girls Are Easy. However, the plot is rewritten, including a gender flip. Britney Spears is Valerie, a young thirtysomething women in Los Angeles, primping by the pool. A spaceship crashes into her pool. Unafraid and trusting, she takes Mac (Iggy Azalea) into her home and finds her clothes. Then, she goes on errands with her and meets her friends. A strong bond forms between them and she leaves with Azalea once the spaceship arrives.

The gender flip changes Valerie from a woman disillusioned with her relationship to someone who feels like she doesn’t belong. She doesn’t have anyone special in her life. While she has friends, they value looks over substance. With Mac, it’s as though she’s the sister she’s never had. When the spaceship arrives, Spears can’t wait to leave and learn about Mac’s life.

Nonetheless, it’s clear to see why Valerie would want to take care of Mac: she’s helpless and dim-witted, speaking her words slowly and drawing them out. Her friends give their approval but are rather chafed by Mac’s presence. Mac, though, is shaken by her every noise, scared that something might bite her. She also uses her powers out in the open, which doesn’t seem to bother anyone or put them in any danger. It’s Mac who seems to have a bit of a crush on her but Spears thinks of her as family.

Directors: Cameron Duddy & Iggy Azalea Year: 2015

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