Video Review: Ashlee Simpson "Invisible"

In black-and-white, Ashlee Simpson gets punched by her spiky haired opponent. She falls onto the mat. The referee starts calling while she stares blankly at the people in the front row.

During practice, her coach says she has to work on her right hook some more. She wipes the sweat off her face. She demonstrates what he showed her. In the ring. she stretches out her arms and leg. She rolls her head from right to left. Sitting on a bench in the locker room, her coach wraps her wounded hand.

At the match, she gives her spiky haired opponent a defiant glare and they hit their gloves. She avoids a punch to her face. Her coach cheers for her.

Simpson sits on a bench in the locker room and leans against the wall.

However, she gets hit in the face and the emcee winces. Simpson gets in some hits to her rival’s cheek.

At the press conference, her rival laughed, telling reporters that Simpson is a joke. Simpson looks away from the reporters , wanting the questions to be over and repeat what she is supposed to say. She leaves, emotionless but stops when she sees a little girl waiting. She offers the little girl her fist to bump. The little girl bumps back and watches her walk away.

She hits the punching bag with every inch of strength she has, hearing the mockery in her opponent’s voice. The lights turn off in the gym and she continues to practice on the punching bag.

She puts on her robe and walks to the ring. The returns to her falling on the ground. She sees the little girl, the only one in color and gets up. She avoids several hits and is able to get her opponent on the side of her cheek, sending her to the mat. The referee counts and the spiky haired woman stays on the mat.

Her coach cheers and she gives him a hug. The emcee raises her arm in victory, declaring her the champion.

Rating: 2.5/5

Ashlee Simpson wasn’t expected to win. The local trade magazines had written her off, saying her entry into the sport was based on her name only. She didn’t her earn her whatever titles she received. Her opponent doesn’t take her seriously and openly says so.

After the humiliation, she sees a little girl who idolizes her. She remembers why she got into boxing: to show others she can’t be broken. With the little girl inspiring her, she is able to defeat her opponent.

Director Marc Webb draws out Simpson’s disheartenment, helping her work through her failure. Simpson, for the most part, is indifferent to the competitive part of boxing. In the gym, she’s trying to get out her frustrations. The little girl allows her to love boxing again. Simpson has potential for acting roles with some emotional depth. Whether or not she chooses to realize it, though, is up to her.

Director: Marc Webb Year: 2006


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