Video Review: Bastille "Send Them Off!"

A young man, turning his head from left to right, observes the city. He sees the shadow of antlers and begins to run. The faces in the crowd blur as the mayor speaks on a television screen near the municipal buildings. The crowd of people are unnerved as he heaves panicked sighs. He breaks out into a run.

He enters the back door of a hotel. He walks down the hallway, checking behind him to see if he’s being followed. He sees the antlered figure twisting its head. He finds an open room and sees a young woman smoking a cigarette, flies on her skin. He walks out.

He steps inside an abandoned church, where he finds Dan singing on the rusted altar. The band rushes in as he explores. He steps into molted sand, which leads to a home. In the home, people are sitting and standing with red blindfolds over their eyes. In the back, he sees the antlered figure. He runs again.

He enters through another door as a home burns around him. He covers his mouth with his arm as he sees couples making out. He sees the antlered figure behind the door and runs again.

He briefly is at an airport but finds himself outside the hotel, watching men tied at the wrist as a man, with a some material covering  his head, holds onto the rope as he rides the horse through the city.

He switches back his home and the escalator. He sees a goat. He returns back to the church, looking at the band.

At the church, he sees the some men, their heads covered with material, continuing to lead the men with the rope. The congregation of people, with blindfolds over their eyes, turn to look at him. The young woman, who was smoking, sits in the center.

He runs towards the bright light and closes his eyes. In the city, he views the skyline.

Rating: 4/5

There is danger in the city and the young man is the only one who knows it. Each means of escape is another of layer of denial: a young woman willingly poisoning herself, people wearing blindfolds as to a way to avoid the horror and young people thinking their lives are over and that sex has lost its risk.

He hopes to find comfort in the church. But church is complicit, working with the antlered figures and its minions. The businessmen of the city have been captured and led to the church. They are to be sacrificed for the young woman (who was smoking). The people in blindfolds watch.

He looks at the city, pristine and beautiful. However, for him, it seem to be final. In a few weeks’ time, he expects the buildings to be draped with symbols and propaganda on the streets. It’s the new normal.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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