Video Review: Belinda Carlisle "I Feel The Magic"

Against a crystal white background, Belinda Carlisle sings, while wearing a denim jacket and jeans.

Wearing an off the shoulder red top, she runs across the stage, the spotlight following her.

She sits on the floor of the warehouse.

Through an olive filter, she smiles in her close-up.

She dances backstage, lit an electric blue. Wearing her red off the shoulder top, dances against a blue backgroudn and then sits on a couch. She swings her leg on a chair.

She puts her hand on a stage version of the Eiffel Tower, painted pink, while smoking a cigarette.

Lit in a smoky pastel, she skips in the warehouse to a column, where she leans her leg. She skips again, her image lightened to a bright white as she moves in slow motion briefly and then returns to normal speed.

She dances on the couch, pushing her hair back and holding the cigarette. She holds onto a gate and smiles.

With her back to her camera, she lets her top fall down to her back, while she dances.

The camera puts a soft focus on her while she has her head on the arm of the couch.

The backstage darkened, she wears a blazer and pants, she smiles as she walks.

Rating: 1/5

With the plain background with some smudges, it seems as though Belinda Carlisle is posing for her senior portrait for the high school yearbook.  She told the photographer she dreamed of going to Paris and live a glamorous life. The photographer found a pink Eiffel Tower and she found an evening dress at the local department store. At the hair salon, she pointed to a picture of a woman in Vogue, with her hair in an updo.

In between, she smoked and when the photographer started filming again, she went to put it out but he told her it looked cool. To her parents dismay, there are several shots of her smoking, which she picked and decided to hand out to her friends.

Director: Marty Callner Year: 1986

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