Video Review: Kungs & Ephemerals "I Feel So Bad"

Circa 1975, a young woman walks from the bathroom back to the dance floor. She passes a portrait of man painted in the early 1900s and cardboard rose petal spiral hanging from the ceiling.

Sitting on the couch, watching people is a young man with two women on each side of him, their arms on his shoulder. The young woman walks down the stairs and he tips his glasses to his nose.

Then, she climbs on the table with her platform shoes and dances for him. The screen splits into three different screens five times, using the angles to show off various parts of her body.

She steps off the table and a man touches the small of her back. She turns and then takes his wallet out of his pocket.  She sits on another couch, where another young woman scooches closer to her. She keeps her eye on the first young man, who sucks on the cigarette in his mouth.

The first young man confronts them. At another table, a card game is being played. Stacks of money are put to the side of it. The first young man moves his head to the right and the second young man scurries away. He sits down next her and she puts his arm by his neck. She slips the necklace off his necklace. She gets up and he grabs her wrist.

On the dance floor, a second young woman kicks the man in the stomach. The screen pauses to show it as comic book panel. A third woman breaks a glass over a man’s head, which turns into a comic book panel. She punches another man in the stomach and her fist becomes a comic book panel. He falls to the floor, breaking the table.

The woman gather, with one holding a baseball bat and leave the house.

Rating: 5/5

In the 1970s, a group of young woman target rich men and steal from them in plain sight. Their strategy is to attend separately, pretend not to know each other and take whatever valuables they can.

The first young woman is the leader. She lets herself be the bait by becoming the center of attention. The two young women sitting next to the young man played along, knowing they will get a cut.

The men do not see a reason to suspect them. They are pretty and are meant for their entertainment after a long night of drinking and gambling. It is when the first young man realizes his necklace is gone that the trouble begins.

With the women watching out for each other, they begin to take down their marks.  Soon, the men lie on the floor and slump in their chairs, unconscious.

The women, considered trophies, do what they have to do in order to live. Belittled and underpaid by the male executives at their day jobs, they do some side work. It is then they gain some power back. They refute the moral argument, stating they were taught college was where they could find a husband and could only get a job as a secretary.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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