Video Review: Natalie Cole "Pink Cadillac"

In black-and-white, two men work on a transmission inside a garage.

A man presses his foot on the gas and stops at the gas station for gas. The men working in the garage admire the Cadillac car he’ s driving. From inside the garage, Natalie Cole spots him and bends over, as she takes in the car. The mechanics begin to dance in front of the car.

Cole pauses by the pay phone and the man smiles as she approaches his car. She pushes another man away and speaks to guy in the Cadillac. She touches the hood of the car and it turns pink. The mechanics dance around it while another man runs his hand across it.

Women drive up in a Jeep and the screen changes to color. Still in black-and-white, the mechanics dance around the car. Cole hangs out by the gas pump while the women dance in color.

She returns to the 50s era screen and sits on the hood the Cadillac, which is still pink. Two of the women push the car and the screen changes to color. Two of the women dance by the gas pumps, going back in time. As they continue to dance, the entire screen turns to color. Cole gets in the front seat of the Cadillac. The man, who owns the car, shakes his head. She drives off and he calls out “wait!”

Rating: 4/5

Natalie Cole is a gearhead, hanging out at the garage and admiring the cars pulling for gas. She talks with her mechanics and offers some advice when they ask. Between chats, she finally sees her dream car: the pink Cadillac. Ever since she saw Elvis Presley’s pink Cadillac in a magazine, she wanted one of her own. The guy, though, is protective of his car. However, with a little flirting, she is able to convince him. She leaves the gas station, seizing the opportunity.

The video takes place in both the present and the past. Cole visits a garage, which has been around for about 30 years. She’s nostalgic for the era and like the television shows, the video is in black-and-white. Once people in the present arrive, it changes color, reflecting a changed society, which has become bolder over the years. Nonetheless, the people in the present adapt to the 50s. However, it’s the 50s people who stay the same.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

Natalie Cole – Pink Cadillac 

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