Video Review: Adam Ant "Goody Two Shoes"

Adam Ant wakes up, wide-eyed and gets out of bed. A man busks outside a salon. The butler (Graham Stark) puts on his glove and carries the tray to Ant’s bedroom. Meanwhile, Ant locks his belt, ties his shirt and puts on a jacket. He greets the man playing guitar by his home and gives him some money.

At the salon, women move their heads as they sit in chairs. Ant paints dabs a women with white strip of makeup across her face. Inside his living room, reporters take pictures and ask him questions. A female reporter (Caroline Munro) side eyes him. Ant finds her cynicism refreshing.

He performs for the reporters, who jot down his answers in their notepads. He leans into the female reporter who represses her swoon.

On stage, he slides down a pole and jumps over a bed, with the female reporter lying on it.

In his bedroom, he answers some more of her questions. She has relaxed some. Her bun has come undone, revealing her roots. He hands his maid money.  He and the female reporter dance down the hallway and into the living room. The butler looks through the keyhole. Caught by the camera, he smiles and gets up.

Through the keyhole, Ant holds the female reporter’s thigh. An inverted picture is taken of them.

Rating: 5/5

Although the press pries into his life, digging for the latest gossip, Adam Ant teases and charms, balancing the line between from what they want to hear to a snarky version of the truth.

However, he has had dalliances with some reporters, whose company he enjoyed after drinking in the cafe in the afternoon for an interview. In the field of current reporters who are in the press conference, one in particular stands out. He figures she’d rather be working the political beat than writing some puff piece about him.

With some needling, he is able to get her to warm up to him. To the shock of his butler, he invites her over to his home. The butler, who serves as the audience’s surrogate, is starstruck and on his best behavior around him. But even he wants to know the salacious details of his life.

Ant, in a good-natured manner, knows the press and celebrities both play the same game even though neither want to acknowledge it. One juicy tidbit could give their paper a name while making him infamous. Without the press, though, no one would know he is.

Director: N/A Year: 1982


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5 thoughts on “Video Review: Adam Ant "Goody Two Shoes"

  1. I grew up listening to this song with my mom for hours on end. I loved how you described this video! You painted the picture so well that when a watched the video I felt like I had already seen it before! Great work.

  2. What a great start to the day, thank you. The text acts like an audio descript for me as I have lost my sight since the 80’s and your post brought that memory alive in my head again 🙂

  3. Always loved Adam Ant. Your description of the video brought it back to life! Keep writing Pam I have alway loved your work!

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