Video Review: Sam Hunt "Break Up In A Small Town"

Sam Hunt watches the last glimmer of sunlight peek through the branches of a tree standing by his house. Flames scrape the porch as he walks away.

Earlier in the day, he sat on the edge of his porch and put his head into his hands. From her car, his ex-girlfriend watches him cross the street. The screen blurs a little.

He takes off his jacket and walks to the bathroom. Then, he puts on some music.

In the car, she turns her  head towards his home and her face has been blurred.

While he walks around town, his girlfriend pulls a piece of strand to her mouth and hangs out with her new boyfriend. He begins to run as her image is scrambled.

He puts his hands on the sink and stares into the bathroom mirror. She and her best friend walk through town. The mailbox starts to burn and then the backboard of the basketball net. He plays guitar in his room. She and her boyfriend make out on the grass.

Behind him, his entire house is in flames. However, the fire began in the bathroom first. It circled the doorknob and then the shower. He looks into the sink.

He continues to run and she looks down, her hat covering her eyes. He walks out of his burning home. He sings outside as smoke clouds hover over his home. She lifts her head up, her face scrambled. He slows down on the street, bending his knees and panting.

Rating: 1/5

The bleakness seems to be covering up other troubling issues for Sam Hunt. As the house goes up in flames, he does nothing. He sometimes turns around to watch it. But he doesn’t seem to actually care. Then, he runs until he wants to throw up all over the street. Nonetheless, he can’t escape his problem despite not really dealing with it. There isn’t any connection to her or to his house, which makes its destruction as a means for sympathy.

The scrambling of the young woman’s face shames her liking someone else. It’s an unfortunate detail that is only directed towards her. The punishment, though, is for bruising Hunt’s ego and leaving him for someone he believed inferior to him.

Director: Tim Mattia Year: 2015

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