Video Review: Fall Out Boy & Demi Lovato "Irresistible (Version 3)"

At the conveyor belt, Demi Lovato gives her boss (Chris Kirkpatrick) points with his pencil as boxes of *NSYNC dolls are picked up. Lovato rolls her eyes and stifling a giggle as her boss kisses the Chris Kirkpatrick doll.

Against a gray background, Patrick sings with rest of Fall Out Boy behind him. Lovato stays by Andy and rests her hand on the amplifier.

Her boss scratches out the next round of toys on the conveyor belt — The Fall Out Boy dolls. Lovato thinks they are adorable and hands one to her co-worker. They are placed in a box and marked with the band’s logo.

Lovato sings beside Patrick.

The Fall Out Boy dolls are stacked on the shelf. They break out of the plastic. Lovato passes through the aisles of the toy store. She touches a stuffed dog and then a bear. A clerk (Joey Fatone) takes out the Fall Out Boys and throws them in the bargain bin. He comes across a Joey Fatone doll and nods, smiling.

The Fall Out Boy dolls perform on the shelf. They try to get the clerk’s attention. Pete plays with the ninja dolls. Pete talks to Barbie in the kitchen and then waves his hand in front of her. The clerk plays with the heads of the Fall Out Boy dolls. The Ken doll tells Pete to leave and chases him away. The clerk prepares to hit the Fall Out Boy dolls with the Joey Fatone one. Ken carries Barbie.

Lovato sees them perform and motions for the clerk to come over. She leaves with the band, in human form. The clerk smashes the heads of the Fall Out Boy together.

Rating: 2.5/5

The Fall Out Boy dolls are rejected due to being irrelevant. The store nor the manufacturer no longer wants to stock them. But there’s a contract to fill.

*NSYNC, though, overshadow the band with the cameo appearances of Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick. *NSYNC reunions are hard to come by and the nostalgia of seeing even two members with the once omnipresent memorabilia nullifies the joke running throughout the video. Unfortunately, Demi Lovato’s above it all reaction to the dolls are out of touch. She would be the person who would put in the rolling eye emoji when one of her friends post the It’s Gonna Be May meme while everyone responded with OMG and their favorite song lyrics.

Director: Wayne Isham Year: 2016

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