Video Review: Monica "Angel of Mine"

Monica rests her feet on her snow painted toes on her bed. She sprawls out, hand on her chin.

Walking out of a theater, wearing a violet fur, she talks with her best friend, bodyguards watching from behind her. A young man (Tyrese) sees her and immediately gets out of his car. Her best friend waves. She pauses and he grabs the arm of a man, who was going to approach her. The screen freezes while he and Monica stare at another.

Returning to normal, her bodyguard is pulling her away from the young man. The young man gets blocked by the other men.

Monica crosses her legs in a room decorated with wine roses entwined in another in a gothic pattern.

At a party, she dances with another young man. Across the room, she sees the first young man. They take each other’s hands.

He races up the stairs and climbs the fire escape to her apartment. He opens her window and enters her bedroom. He lies on her bed, stroking her hair as she sits upright, gazing into his eyes. The wind blows.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young man (Tyrese) and Monica have a star-crossed romance. She is someone well-known with money and minders. She is expected to date and marry a man within her circle. He is the average guy, who her manager who would consider someone who would only want use her for her fame.

He attends the party, hoping to see her there. She stops dancing with the other approriate young man and meets him. They simply look at one another before she is called back to the dance floor by her manager.

The young man, though, climbs her fire escape after the party, determined to be with her. They are together for the night, enjoying each other’s company. In the morning, it will be back to real life. He will be kept at a distance and she will have feign interest in the young man who danced with her.

Director: Diane Martel Year: 1998

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