Video Review: Halsey "Now Or Never"

Inside a Mexico City church, a priest tells his soldiers there is no truth in the city. He holds up two necklaces, stating there are two people who need help. He explains that they have been chosen and have the potential to save the city from ruin. A hot pink cross is behind him with rows of candles.

In the road, branches burn in between the lines. Halsey sits in the passenger seat, staring at her secret boyfriend who is the next lane.

In bed, she had touched his necklace and he kissed her collarbone. They make love.

The priest closes his Bible and places it on the dashboard. In a separate car, a man takes out his gun and points it.

A young man is baptized in the church. Her boyfriend, with angel wings on his back, looks at her locket during the ceremony.

At a party at her home, a couple makes out on a couch while lies down on another, gazing at her locket. Someone does a line of cocaine. Sitting a corner, a man with a metal net over his eyes jerks his head back and forth.

Two people on street watch the television as Halsey and her boyfriend drive by in their motorcade.

Earlier in the day, her best friend warned her he was dangerous. She exclaims “but I love him!” Her boyfriend sits on a bench in the church with the young man who was baptized next to him. Halsey begs for her friend’s help and she agrees. They hug.

Halsey hangs her head out the window as they continue to drive into the afternoon. They both stop. Halsey gets out of the car and looks at her secret boyfriend for support.

She enters the store and pushes through a beaded curtain. She sits down with the tarot reader, who places several cards down on the table. He explains that he that she has a pure love in her life but that it will end in tragedy. Someone grabs her.

His best friend dials a payphone.  Scared, Halsey looks to her boyfriend, who is another car. People get out of the cars, carrying their guns. The priest watches from his own car. His best friend aims with the gun. Her driver is shot in the neck, blood splattering the windshield. His driver is also shot. She opens the passenger door and crawls on the ground. She takes off in a motorcycle. Her secret boyfriend gets out of the car, watching her leave.

Strands of aqua hair lie in the sink. With scissors, she cuts her hair off, her face wet from crying.

Rating: 5/5

The solidarity is for show. The two families would rather start a war than create peace. Halsey and her boyfriend do not care for the politics within their families. It’s a decades-old grudge that began over something petty. Her best friend tells her to stay away while his best friend pledges loyalty.

At the tarot reader’s, she is told what she already knows. Then, as she continues with the motorcade, the tension brews among the group. His best friend makes a call, betraying his friend. Halsey escapes, frightened of the people she had relied on with her secret. She decides she has to change her identity.

Once the cars stop, the pulse quickening final minutes begin. Everyone is out, their guns resting on their bikes or holding them inside their cars. The war has escalated among the families. Halsey knows it’s no longer safe. People know and she will become a target.

“Now Or Never” is capable of having the three-part treatment, similar to other continuations. A backstory could be told or Halsey’s life on the lam. The story could go in numerous directions.

Directors: Halsey & Sing J Lee Year: 2017

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2 thoughts on “Video Review: Halsey "Now Or Never"

  1. While Halsey and her friend were talking about Halsey’s boyfriend, I couldn’t tell what they were saying, because the music was playing. I heard Halsey say “But I love him.”, but I couldn’t hear what she and her friend were saying. What were they saying?

  2. From what I could make out, her friend was telling Halsey “no, no, no” Halsey says “But you’re supposed to be there for me.” Then they both yelled at once before she says “But I love him.”

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