Video Review: Chris Isaak "Wicked Game"

In black-and-white, a surge of storm clouds pass over the ocean. Chris Isaak, in shadow, towers over the clouds, which sail through him.

On the beach, his girlfriend (Helena Christensen) stares into the camera with her smoky eyes.

The clouds turn into waves crashing into the ocean as Isaak watches the sky. His girlfriend holds her hands over her breasts. They chase each other on the shore. She jumps on his back and laughs. They fall to the sand.

She runs her hands over his glistening shoulders. He puts his mouth on her neck. She runs her hands through her hair and closes her eyes as he kisses her. He strokes her hair. He holds her as they stand by the shore.

In a beach house, he sings.

She plays with her bra strap, pulling it down to her elbow and then rubs her butt. She rolls the edges of her bottoms, giving him a glimpse. She touches her breasts and stomach. She unhooks her bra and throws it at him.

They curl up at a palm tree, entwined. He kisses her neck. It switches from black-and-white to a golden yellow.

Back in black-and-white, he whispers in her ear. He kisses her fingers and grazes her collarbone with his mouth. She turns away, biting her nails.

She runs on the sand, glancing back at him.

Fully clothed, she has her hand on his chest while he places his arm around her shoulder as they pose for a photo.

Rating: 4/5

The antithesis of passionate, Chris Isaak and his girlfriend try to save their relationship by going on a tropical vacation. However, whispered sweet nothings become veiled threats and stripteases are vengeful taunt.

The black-and-white emphasizes every faraway look and feigned moment of affection. They cannot stand each other anymore but feel obligated to stay together. Given the prevalence of social media, where vacation photos of happy couples are the norm, the melancholy has a greater impact.

Director: Herb Ritts Year: 1990


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