Video Review: Nelly Furtado "Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)"

On stilts, Nelly Furtado walks on the sidewalk in the city. People crane their necks to watch her.

Against a black background with jagged splashes of red, she puts her hand over one eye, forming a circle and dances.

Two dancers wave hoops and jump through them against a mustard yellow background with 3-D angles attached to the wall. After the segments rotate, she has her hand in her mouth, making the shouting gesture as she stands in the center with the two dancers.

The segments flash back and forth for about ten seconds.

A young woman waves her hands, the multi-colored pastel fringe on her arm resembling a chopped up rainbow. The segments rotate again.

She shows off her diamond studded Swavorski sunglasses while one of the dancers rolls the hoop over his shoulders. Then, he turns the hoop into a 3-D cube.

Back on the sidewalk, people pause, mid-sip to watch her. The segments rotate again, adding several extra seconds of her standing by herself against the yellow background. The dancer has a string of hoops over his body as he moves.

Still on the sidewalk, a young woman’s mouth is agape as she holds the pay phone in her hand as she passes Ed’s Tailor Shoppe. The segments flash back and forth again.

As a giant, she rises up and glides towards a high-rise building and stands.

Against the yellow background, she stands, her hands folded in prayer as the dancers put their hoops over her.

Rating: 3/5

The Swavorski sunglasses, with their crystal motif on the sides, get the model treatment, as Nelly Furtado tilts her head from left to right. There is no cutting or interruption. The frame is left alone, undisturbed.  It seems long-running after the split second flashes and the most out of place, considering it’s not a piece of hoop jewelry or object.

She wears a pair of earrings that seems to be found in a junkyard, still pointy and sharp and attached to her ears. While the sunglasses are typical designer fare, the earrings could be displayed in a modern art gallery. It’s costume design at its most detailed and realistic.

The theme extends beyond jewelry, spotlighting native hoop dancers, who with each movement, educate people about their traditions. While they are featured, due to the split second flashes, the dance is cut up into shreds. To be fully appreciated, it has to paused frame by frame while skipping past the commercial

Director: Director X Year: 2012

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