Video Review: Kaleo "No Good"

Fuzz appears on the screen. The camera zooms on a pile of equipment. In the family room, the band practices. Wires and cables line the floor.

On tour, the band performs on stage. The video tape gets discolored. People walk in groups on the grass to the stage. The band members talk in between songs. People sit in chairs, waiting for the next set. JJ laughs on the bus. Suitcases are stacked in the corner on the bus.

The band puts their equipment together, untangling wires and tuning their instruments. Rubin puts on a t-shirt while walking down the hallway of a venue. The band poses for a photo during an interview. JJ washes his hands in the bathroom. Rubin sips his drink. Shirtless, Daniel wears his headphones as he works on perfecting some chords. Shirtless again, Daniel does a handstand outside on the grass.

Fans clap along the music. On the bus, Rubin grabs a cracker from the bag of snacks in the back. JJ chews on his food. Daniel claps his hands and motions for the audience to join in with him. JJ smiles as he walks down the stairs after a show, cups in hand. Fuzz occurs on the screen again.

On their day off, Rubin breathes into a pool float, blowing it up. The band lounges in the outdoor pool of the hotel. They rehearse in the family room. JJ waves goodbye to fans while playing an evening show.

Rating: 5/5

There isn’t another bus full of roadies nor are they are any elaborate visuals to study before the show. For Kaleo, it’s do-it-yourself (DIY) as they tour and make a name for themselves. The hotels are affordable as they play festivals and shows, earning their pay day and night.

They have a limited amount of film to use for the video, causing it to be rewound multiple times and then taped over unsatisfactory footage. In between shows, they practice at home, setting up inside in one of their homes. Each show is viewed as a promotional opportunity as they hustle from town to town, selling merchandise and talking to the local papers.

Director: N/A Year: 2015

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