Video Review: Hoku "Another Dumb Blonde"

In his bedroom, a young man takes off his jacket and turns on his computer to check his email. The snow continues to come down outside. When he clicks on the prompt, Hoku appears on the screen.

In the family room, clips from the movie Snow Day play on the television. He sits down on the couch to watch some of it.

On the boardwalk, Hoku stands, her arms folded across her chest as her best friend films her with a video camera. People ride by on their skateboards while others talk in groups. Claire (Emmanuelle Chirqui) catches up with her and says hello.

Against a snowy mountain background, Hoku and two dancers perform a routine.

From the clip, Hal (Mark Webber) holds onto Lane (Schulyer Fisk) as he teaches her how to ice skate.

Her friends begin to get crates out the trunk of the car.

From the clip, Lane makes snow angels while Hal asks her question. He helps her up. Lane and Hal talk on the beach during the sun set. Claire brushes her teeth and is stunned to see Hal, in his coat, being lifted up by a crowd of people. She shuts her window. Hal looks at Claire’s home. But Lane gazes at Hal.

Her friend continues to film her as they hang out at the beach into the night.

Lane picks up her hair and watches as Hal walks away to talk to Claire. Claire is immediately swarmed by three guys with their surfboards. Hal puts his head down and walks back to Lane.

Against the snowy mountain background, Hoku and the dancers throw snowballs at the screen. From the clip, Chad (John Schneider) is hit with snowballs.

She sits on a chair against the snowy background, her body turned to the right.

The young man gets up from the couch. Her friends pelt her with snowballs. From the clip, Lane and Hal kiss.

She lies down in the snow, tiny flakes strewn in her hair. The young man takes off his shirt, sits down on some gym equipment and works out.

From the clip, Claire tosses an object to Hal on the diving board. Hal falls into the pool. Claire gasps. Hal lands in the snow.  The snow plow drives through the park, where the Claire, Hal and Lane have been hanging out.

Hoku dances at a bonfire. The young man checks himself out in the mirror. Hal and Lane talk on a blanket.

From the clip, a snowmobile chase occurs. A young man hits a snowman on his neighbor’s lawn.

Against the snowy background, she plays with her hair and sticks out her tongue.

Hoku’s new boyfriend sits with her on the blanket. She and her new boyfriend wave the camera as the young man watches. The young man puts his hands over eyes.

Hoku poses against the snowy background, the wind blowing her hair.

Rating: 1/5

Hoku leads the young man on, sending him an e-mail, including a shot of herself hanging out against the snowy background. With the constant clips, the young man believes he has a chance. He works out and looks in the mirror. But then she and her smug boyfriend wave to the camera in her last e-mail. It’s unclear whether it’s an ex-boyfriend.

However, the young man’s humiliation is unwarranted. Hoku’s pettiness stems from the best friend recording her every movement and multiple people surrounding her, complimenting her. The snowy background shots feed into her narcissism as she sticks out her tongue.

The clips from Snow Day feature a bumbling Hal who likes a popular girl. Unlike most teen movies, the popular girl actually seems friendly and it’s understandable why Hal would be interested in her. Lane, his best friend, is in love with him. But he can’t see it. However, he realizes it eventually after she kisses him. With all the clips featured, the important plot points have been featured, making the movie redundant.

The video works in the characters. However, they don’t even fit into Hoku’s crowd. In their brief cameos, Lane and Hal are talking to each other at the bonfire. Claire talks with a group of guys. Hoku ignores them as she sings, wanting to people to clap along forever.

Director: N/A Year: 2000


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