Video Review: Marian Hill "I Want You"

A spotlight shines on a dancer: a young woman with her curly hair in a ponytail, thrusting her arms. She puts her hand on her mouth while the dancers angle their arms into a square. She kicks her foot out and puts her head down, like the other dancers behind her. However, she jerks her arm inwards, facing the audience while the background dancers have turned in the other direction. She steps back into the group, raising her arms up and brushing off her shoulders, following the other dancers.

The dancers push their arms towards Jeremy and Samantha. Facing the audience, the men bend down while the women stay at eye level, putting their arms straight in front of them and bobbing their heads. They jog to Jeremy and Samantha and pause briefly.

The dancers shake their heads and put their hands over their eyes, jerking their feet in short stops. They put their hands to their crotch and then swipe the other hand close to their foreheads. The young woman, with the curly hair, leans forward while the others bend low.

Samantha and Jeremy stand back-to-back and then separate to different sides of the stage. The dancers continue their routine. The camera pans to an ivory curtain, where Samantha and Jeremy are in silhouette, standing back-to-back. They face each other. Jeremy snaps his finger while Samantha plays with her hair.

Jeremy and Samantha walk to the dancers. Jeremy breaks out into some loose moves. They join in the choreography by bobbing their heads and swaying their hips. They leave for different sides of the stage while the dancers touch their partners and put their arms around their shoulders.

Jeremy and Samantha sit on the stage, back-to-back.

Rating: 4/5

The dancers go through the motions of a crush, They jerk back-and-forth, wondering if the glance meant the other person liked them. Sometimes, they seem they are different pages but are somehow in sync. The video, for the most part, represents heterosexual couples with women in one single line and the men in the next row.

The feelings are reciprocated, though, as they dancers touch one another and walk together. Gay and lesbian couples are featured during the segment, making up for the lack of diversity in the previous section. They walk away, in love.

Jeremy and Samantha stay off to the side, their natural chemistry creating an intimate, romantic relationship. Jeremy is the goofy boyfriend, trying to make her laugh. Samantha, confident and relaxed, joins in the dancing until she is required to do so. In a gender reversal, she is the one who prefers not to dance.

Director: Ian Eastwood Year: 2016

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