Video Review: Zedd & Alessia Cara "Stay"

At the hotel. Zedd pulls the sheet over his head and looks to the left. Alessia Cara sits up in her bed, her hands on her knees. He sits up and stares out the window. Then, he brushes his hair, fixing his bangs to his liking as he looks into the mirror. Cara applies lipstick while using the mirror. She turns off the television and grabs her keys. She heads to the elevator and presses the “1” button. He shuts the door and walks down the hallway. Cara leans against the elevator, frowning. Zedd breaks out into a run, yelling “wait!” The elevator door closes.

He waits for the elevator and puts his head against the wall. He gets into his car while Cara walks to a diner. She orders some coffee and puts some sugar into her coffee. He plays a game of pool. The previous scenes play in reverse.

It begins again but with some new details. After fixing his hair, he touches the mirror, breaking it. Zedd waking up and running to the elevator replays several times.

In one of the scenarios, Zedd is able to catch the elevator, stopping it with his hand. He introduces himself to Cara and they begin to talk. He asks her if she would like to hang out with him for a bit. She says yes and then puts the radio on his car. As he drives, she stands up in the passenger seat and gazes into his eyes. At the diner, he pulls out the chair for her. He rotates putting sugar into their coffee. She breaks open a packet, letting it fall by him. He draws a “N” with his finger on the table. They hold hands and he puts his arm around her as they walk along the beach. They continue to hold hands as Zedd walks backwards. A car hits him. The second scenario reverses again.

Cara calls out for help as she touches his shoulder. Zedd has rolled to his side, his eyes open. A police officer comforts her as she cries. A white sheet is put over Zedd’s body.

Zedd pulls the sheet over his body, waking up in bed.

Rating: 4.5/5

In each scenario, Zedd experiences a death in some way. In the first one, he misses Cara. He stands in the elevator, alone and disappointed. He had seen her around for the past week during his stay and wanted to talk to her. The morning was the closest he had come to meeting her. However, it was another missed opportunity.

But it then asks the question: what if they had met? Alessia Cara, independent and self-sufficient, notices a guy running to get the elevator but doesn’t make an effort to keep the door open.

During the second scenario, as he talks to her, she realizes he’s a funny and intelligent guy. She decides to hang out with him all afternoon and falls for him. When he gets hit by a car, she blames herself. A police officer has to calm her down. In a split second, she lost someone important to her.

Both scenarios are devastating. In the first one, both continue on with their lives as normal, never meeting. Only Zedd seems to feel the weight of the moment, as it crosses his mind over and over again. In the second one, he dies, with Cara dealing with the impact of it. She rethinks the morning, thinking she should’ve suggested somewhere else to go. Either way, there is regret and few answers given. Neither will be forgotten by the other.

Director: Tim Mattia Year: 2017

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