Video Review: Major Lazer, PARTYNEXTDOOR & Nicki Minaj "Run Up"

The screen, the size of a camera phone, is upside down. It switches back to a normal screen, where PARTYNEXTDOOR and his two friends are walking, looking at their screens. They continue to do so, up to their friends’ driveway and into their home. He bumps into someone, who is also on his phone.

He walks in and sees everyone with their phones raised to their heads, filming themselves as they dance on the floor and sit on the couch. A couple makes out, both of their phones still in each hand as they in to kiss. A guy texts his friend over a young woman’s butt. At the pool, the woman looks at her phone and then dives in with it. The screen rotates to the side and then backwards.

At the party, with the screen back to normal, three women dance with their phones in front of them. He notices a young, brunette woman near the kitchen. The three girls pause to text on their phones. The screen flips backwards and then returns to normal.

The screen pauses as the video continues to download. People tap their phones to get it to work again. They cheer once the music begins again. He walks down the stairs, watching the people dancing on the floor. He stops to talk to the young, brunette woman.

The screen rotates to the left, with Nicki Minaj on her phone, using FaceTime. The app connects and she takes out her earbuds. She holds her phone while sitting at her vanity. Her assistant waves a fan in front of Minaj. She gets up from the chair and walks to her backyard. There, she raps into her phone as her dancers perform a routine. A split screen shows four different talking on the app. She sticks out her tongue and the screen flips. It returns to normal as she continues with the routine. She takes out her earbuds again.

He answers his phone and it’s the young, brunette woman. She is standing next to him as they talk. The screen flips to the left.

Rating: 2.5/5

PARTYNEXTDOOR puts his phone away once he enters his friend’s home. However, he would like to meet someone new. He spots a young brunette. He tries to talk to her but she doesn’t pay attention. The only way he can reach her is to talk to her on his cell phone.

People are addicted to their cellphones. They are filming themselves for social media, texting their friends or shopping for something online.. The phone have replaced real interaction. After the first minute, the people continue to stay on their cell phones, turning the well made point into a parody of itself. The point isn’t explored any further other than display the FaceTime app.

By Nicki Minaj’s section, the point has been crammed down the viewer’s throat, as though it were a hot dog eating contest with a thousand dollar prize to be given to the winner. Minaj concentrates on keeping her phone raised and by her at all times. Forced and awkward, it hinders she and her dancers’ movement and leaves them to kneel, taking baby steps.

Directors: Paul, Luc and Martin Year: 2017

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