Video Review: Patrick Swayze & Wendy Fraser "She’s Like The Wind"

In black-and-white, the lake on Kellerman’s resort can be seen. Baby (Jennifer Grey) runs across the grounds late at night, which is from the film Dirty Dancing.

Patrick Swayze puts his hand in the lake. In the reflection of the water, the Houseman family drives to the resort. To the left of the screen, he sings. In the film clip, he and Baby ride in the car together. She runs from the staff quarters. He and Baby perform at the Sheldrake Hotel. Swayze, in a leather jacket, his back to the screen, watches the action on screen and then fades as the clip is seen of Baby lying in Johnny’s bed, her neck arched.

Johnny and Penny (Cynthia Rhodes) dance for the resort guests. Penny wishes Baby good luck on the performance at the Sheldrake. Baby tries to convince Johnny to stand up to Mr. Kellerman. Johnny and Baby begin to practice. He tells her to focus. As Penny and Baby dance, he sits cross-legged on the floor, counting. Baby rubs Johnny’s back and kisses his shoulder. Swayze’s face is overlayed on the images and then fades.

The staff dance in their quarters. Johnny teaches Baby how to turn.They fall into bed together. Johnny hits the top of his car. He takes a bat and breaks the window then opens the door for Baby.

To the left of the screen, Swayze continues to sing. Johnny smiles at Baby while driving. He and Baby practice. She tells him to practice. In the studio, they lip sync to a song. Swayze’s returns to the left of the screen again and then fades. Wendy Fraser sings to the right of the screen. Johnny speaks to Baby’s father (Jerry Orbach). With Swayze on the left and Fraser on the right, Johnny and Baby practice on the log in the center. Johnny lifts Baby in the water. Baby says goodbye to Johnny. Baby and Johnny dance at the talent show. Johnny runs his hand down Baby’s arm and she laughs.

Swayze stares into the water as Johnny leaves. Baby watches him until the car turns the corner.

Rating: 3/5

Dirty Dancing is an iconic movie that millions of people have watched over and over, quoting it line by line. It’s the story of Baby’s first love and how she came of age, breaking away from her parents.

The video, though, offers Johnny’s point of view. Patrick Swayze stays in character throughout. He broods by the lake, thinking of Baby and how she’s doing. He thinks of the summer they shared together. He has returned to Kellerman’s for the past two seasons, waiting for her. His friends that may be shutting the place down soon and it’s the only link he has to her.

While he misses her, he believes she’s better off. He thinks she will join protests and work in a non-profit organization someday. She was always about doing the right thing. She changed him and since then, he has wanted more for himself but knows it’s not possible.

Some classic scenes are featured in the clip: Johnny and Baby lip syncing. Johnny touching Baby’s arm and laughing, the lift scene in the water. However, due to the motion of the water, most of the scenes wash away and then fade into another. The classic scenes are left alone. But some of the other scenes get lost.

Director: N/A Year: 1987


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