Video Review: Hilary Duff "With Love"

Hilay Duff smells a pink rose. After performing, the pianist and the audience claps for her. A golden border frames the video.

In an elevator, wearing a black wig cut into a bob, she sings.

With a sole spotlight on her in the pitch black, she sings.

A man helps her with her coat. She ties it and puts on her hat. She leaves by the stage door, where reporters are waiting. She waves to them and walks down the stairs as the cameras flash. A young man (Kellan Lutz) follows her, jumping over the barricade. She looks over shoulder and then turns around when she sees him. She hides between the columns and then pauses to spray some With Love…Hilary Duff on herself. The young man smiles and walks behind her. She turns around and waves to him.

She finds a column and places her purse on the floor. She ties her coat around her waist and puts it on again. Her hair has changed into a short, black bob. She takes off her hat and puts on an older man’s head. She charges up the stairs, checking every so often to see if anyone is following her. The young man enters the room and watches as her coat drops to the floor. As she takes off her white dress, the young man jogs up the stairs. She looks below, spotting him sniffing her clothes.

He meets her in the elevator and pulls her towards him. She takes off her wig, shaking her hair. She pushes him. The gears spark and the lights begin going on and off, scaring the young man. The elevator starts to fall and he kisses her neck. The notecard reads: to be continued.

Rating: 1/5

An antique picture frame encloses the video, shortening the screen and limiting the camera’s eye. The imprudent decorative style of it excretes lavish spending, basking in the endless stream of riches.


Through singing, Hilary Duff has been able to afford the luxuries fame has given her. It also made her paranoid, as she worries someone is watching her from below. It allows her to indulge in her grown-up game of dress-up, pretending she’s a spy as she toys with a young man.

The young man, who she makes out with in the elevator, is another notch from her. To her, the young man is yet another object she can collect. Fame has led her to believe she’s invincible, which as the elevator drops, she feels little concern while he seems somewhat worried.

Director: Matthew Rolston Year: 2007


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