Video Review: Imagine Dragons "Believer"

Lit in an aqua blue, a boxer’s (Dolph Lundgren) muscled chest is examined by a computer, noting the scar near his shoulder. It scans his head and arms, which lit in fuschia.Dan’s lips, which is lit by a soft fuchsia, sing the lyrics. Lit in aqua blue, the boxer’s eyes are closed.

On a neon kelly green stage, with a background of shining stars, Wayne plays the guitar.The boxer opens his eyes. Cells coil in aqua and crimson. Blood drips from his fingers. Lit in aqua blue, Ben plays the bass on the stage. The crimson light shines on Dan, who is shirtless and focused.

Lit in a sunset orange, Daniel plays the drums. To the left and right of him, waves of crimson light the stage. The boxer lies flat down on the ground, opens his eyes and rises up.

In a chair, a young Dan draws. The boxer turns to Dan, who punches his gloves together, which have a creamy white glow to them. They begin to fight on the multi-tiled stage. Dan taunts him to hit him harder. The boxer continues to get him by the chin and cheek. However, he is able to turn it around on him and get him on the side of his face. The boxer hits Dan right in the face, forming a half-circle bruise under his eye. The boxer knocks him to the floor and the screen turns crimson. However, Dan flies in the air and hits him several times.

Dan sits in the chair.

They put their heads together, snarling and then begin to fight again. The boxer holds Dan’s head tight against his chest. Circling the stage, both breathing hard, Dan says he wants to stop. The boxer puts his hand on Dan’s shoulder and says they can’t. He then knocks Dan over into the stratosphere.

Two red gloves disintegrate as they punch. A line of blood is over Dan’s eyes. The boxer punches him again and Dan spits blood out of his mouth. The boxer falls to the ground, bloodied. The little boy finishes his drawing of the Imagine Dragons logo.

Rating: 1/5

The relentless boxer has been built to match Dan’s strengths. However, he has compassion, even though he continues to do as he was programmed to do. By carving out some emotions, the boxer has beat the system but not enough to end it.

Dan begins the match, arrogant and energetic, believing he will beat the boxer, who is older, without much of a fight. However, the boxer throws every jab and hook his way, bruising his face and leaving scars. Worn down and beaten, he tells the boxer he can’t fight anymore.

The boxer seems to be a simulation of Reynolds himself, reflecting how ragged he is inside with each wrinkle. The power of each criticism and insult Reynolds has hurled at himself, he feels it in with every punch from the  boxer. Considering the boxer is only programmed to fight, it is only what he does. Reynolds screams with rage and frustration as he manages his newfound thirst for blood. Even though they seem to represent two halves of Reynolds, neither is developed beyond throwing a knockout blow.

While it lacks in explanation, it makes up for it in colorful silhouettes. Red and blue, which are overused at this point, are switch from being to bright to dimmed. The orange, though, is a low-key burst highlighted with some red, which eases the senses rather than overpower them.

Director: Matt Eastin Year: 2017

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