Video Review: KT Tunstall "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree"

Against a black background, KT Tunstall turns around, playing her guitar.

To the left of the screen, she sings, her face pale with ruby red lips.

On the dimmed stage, she bangs a drum sideways.  Then, she taps the drumsticks on two chairs.

The screen doubles, showing her pale face on both sides of the screen. As she plays the guitar, the image divides.

She touches the tambourine and it lights up.

While she plays a guitar, she appears in another corner, wearing a silver dress. Then, a fiery image of her tapping on the drums, lit in a blood red, is imposed over her. She slides the screen and it show the drum set and her hands.

She nods her head, listening to director Sophie Muller. She claps along to the music. As she plays against the black background, her image divides into two. She stops playing as the spotlight darts around.

She nods again, noting her director’s advice twice. Then, she plays her guitar to the camera.

Rating: 2/5

KT Tunstall, with the ruby red lips and pale face, becomes a movable department store mannequin, advertising the new black dress with plunging neckline in the store window. Blank and invisible, she may as well be transported from a Robert Palmer video, proving women can play music.

In between, she receives notes on her performance. However, she seems to be taking it personally and wants to cry once she can find a moment alone. The pressure seems to be getting to her as she tries to brand herself into something for the record company and achieve commercial success.

Director: Sophie Muller  Year: 2005


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