Video Review: Zayn & PARTYNEXTDOOR "Still Got Time"

At night, Zayn steps onto his porch, beer in hand and smokes his cigarette. He squints as a herd of people run into his home.

Taped on grainy videotape, a skull jar is slid across a table. People pour liquor into shot glasses. One woman pours it from the bottle into her mouth. He walks around, exhaling smoke. Two women make out on a table. He sips from his cup, his eyes half-closed. A bored young woman stares at her half empty glass. A young man smokes. A second young man skate boards over the stairs while people watch.

The drum set is scattered on the floor. People set drinks on the record player. A young woman turns around, her shirt off. Another young woman hikes up her skirt. Photos of taken of people talking and drinking. A couple make out in the shower. A woman sits in the laundry room. He talks on the couch with one of his friends.

A third young man spits into the toilet. Zayn gets a tattoo and then spray paints the brick on his home. Women touch each other. Zayn films a group of women dancing. A fourth young man lies passed out on the floor, one lens from his glasses missing. Zayn dances. A few women swing on a pole. Another couple makes out and a young woman shoves the guy’s head away. People lie on the floor, stoned. A third young woman smiles and laughs against the wall. A fourth young woman steps backwards into a kiddie pool.

The next morning, Zayn opens the curtain and observes his lawn as he smokes. A plastic alligator is on the grass. Half empty bottles of liquor are on the steps and a monkey sits on his shoulder.

Rating: 0/5

Half-drunk, Zayn watches as people rush into his home. He has no idea if he invited them or any recollection of who they are. He chainsmokes throughout the impromptu party, stopping to talk to some people. However, he doesn’t actually connect to them. Intoxicated and stoned, they don’t even know where they are, much less notice he’s famous. They break things in his home and put glasses on expensive record players.

While it’s a party, no one seems to be interested in anything. They sit with frowns on their faces and distract themselves with their cigarettes. Women touch other as a form of entertainment. People there are looking for ways to self-destruct and forget who they are.

Somehow, Zayn is in the same place. He hears an object break and he shrugs. He walks around, engaging in small talk but is mostly alone. He spray paints the side of his house. In view of the destruction the next morning, he continues to smoke. It’s as though he doesn’t care about his life anymore and can only survive it hungover.

Director: Calmatic Year: 2017

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