Video Review: Machine Gun Kelly & Hailee Steinfeld "At My Best"

In the middle of the night, Machine Gun Kelly jogs underneath a bridge. Above him, the traffic on the expressway is light.

He sits in his car, staring out into the lavender sky.

Inside a crimson lit bathroom, he puts his hands on the sink and looks into the mirror. He grabs the mirror, rapping.

Hailee Steinfeld enters a dimly lit club and stands against the wall, her arms folded across her chest. She walks past the lottery machine, bumping into a few people and stands in the center of the dance floor. She touches her chest.

At the club, some guys are banging their heads to the music. He looks over his shoulder to see if anyone was talking to him. Outside, the subway rolls by.

In the algae green lit bathroom, she stands near the toilet roll dispenser and the sink. A few young women run into her, laughing. She turns around, knowing it’s about her.

She slumps in the booth at a diner. He takes the bus.

In the hazy crimson light, they stand shoulder to shoulder.

She runs out of the diner and he gets off at the bus stop. They meet on the sidewalk as bits of paper fly by.

Rating: 4/5

Machine Gun Kelly can’t do it alone. He wants to help other people overcome their addictions. At his lowest, he lost family and friends who believed there was no saving him. He had to seek out support groups and do it on his own. Occasionally, he would receive a call from his mother, asking how he’s doing. As word spread that he was getting better, his sister and extended family began talking to him again. During the holidays, he talks to them about his job but knowing he wasn’t wanted tinges the conversation with some bitterness.

Hailee Steinfeld has been abandoned by her family and friends, too. In the bathroom, she sees the group of girls and remembers how she used to hang out with her friends. However, she would get drunk until she passed out and didn’t even remember what she did. Her family cut her off and her friends dropped her once she stopped drinking.

On the street, she meets Machine Gun Kelly and finds a friend. Together, they will they build a life for themselves and make new friends, becoming a family they wished they had.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2017

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