Video Review: Rod Stewart "Forever Young"

The sun sets in the rose pink sky, hiding the behind the mountains. Trees, in full bloom, stand in the field, lined by a small, white picket fence. Rod Stewart cuddles a little boy in his arms as they sit in the pick-up truck.

A minister driving his wife and little girl pass by them. The little girl waves to the them. A group of teenage young woman drive behind them. The brunette young woman thinks the little boy is adorable. The young woman, wearing a black beret and motorcycle jacket, slumps back into the seat. Three farmers carry their shovels after a long day of tending to their crops. A truck drives past them, a load of hay in the backseat.

A group of bikers zoom by them. The little boy touches Stewart’s cheek. The farmers stare at them as they drive in the second lane.

Against a navy blue background, Stewart gestures to the little boy that he has the world at his fingertips. The little boy taps his knee.

In a field, sitting on top of a stack of hay, Stewart cradles the little boy in his arms. Stewart sings against the navy blue background. He stands up in the pick-up, carrying the little boy and then sits down. The little boy squeezes his nose.

The mother has her arm around her daughter. The daughter looks at her minister father with adoration. The bikers shake hands and congratulate each other. Stewart and the little boy walk hand-in-hand in the field. The farmers stand proud. Stewart picks up the little boy.

Rating: 4/5

As Rod Stewart drives through the countryside, he sees residents of the small town heading to church or out for a joyride in the afternoon. Each person featured represents the area.

The staunch religious family, with the minister father is typical of what people think. The mother, wearing a conservative dress stays at home to take care of her daughter. The father works on his sermons and is the most well-known figure in town.

He is the type of man the teenagers rebel against. The young woman, in her off-shoulder top, heads to the nearest city with her friends every weekend. For her, the small town is isolating and she feels cut off from the rest of the world. Meanwhile, her friend, in the black motorcycle jacket and beret, paints in her spare time and would love to attend art school. She finds her views are given the side-eye and gets judged for not being as feminine as her friends.

The bikers don’t care. They chug their beer, watch football and go home to their wives. They work in the local factories and sometimes attend church.

The farmers, though, are the de facto leaders of the community, keeping their town’s economy going. They work all day tending to their crops and educate young people about farming, advocating for them to get agricultural degrees.

Director: Eric Watson Year: 1988


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