Video Review: Kygo & Selena Gomez "It Ain't Me"

A young man puts a helmet over his girlfriend’s head. They speed down the sea green lit tunnel. She gasps as he hits something and falls from his motorcycle. Scared, she takes her helmet off and goes over to him. She checks to see if he’s still breathing. He lies on the ground, eyes fluttering.

A nurse pricks his arm as he is raced through the emergency by a team of doctors. The heart monitor blinks as a printout comes out. His heart stops and the doctors restart it again.

Back in the tunnel, lit in an electric blue, he’s laying on the ground, eyes wide open, his chest rising and falling. He gets up and stumbles through the tunnel.

At the hospital, a young woman watches as he moves in the bed.  The doctor examines as she sits in the chair. He sees the harsh light and stares at it. She wipes his mouth as he stands at the crash site, candles dotting the area. He walks past one.

She rests by his bed, waiting for him to wake up. She reads to him and caresses his hair and finally, falls asleep.

During his MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), he stays in the forest, which is now lit an electric blue. He sees his girlfriend. She circles him and then hugs him. She stands between sparkling lights. Underneath the sea green light, she dances in the tunnel. Lit in electric blue, he walks through the strands of light and returns to the flame colored forest dotted with candles. She takes a butterfly off her lip and puts it on her hand.

In the hospital room, the young woman paces and talks to some family on the phone. In the tunnel, the colors change from sea green and electric blue as his girlfriend bends down on the floor, praying.

Back in the hospital room, the young woman dances at his bedside. She puts her earbuds over his eyes. He dances in the electric blue lit tunnel. His girlfriend touches his face in the tunnel. Electric blue, blood red and sea green light flash in all the settings.

He runs in the electric blue lit tunnel. The young woman and girlfriend both kiss his forehead. He wakes up, a butterfly on his forehead.

Rating: 5/5

A motorcycle accident sends a young man to the hospital. After being conscious for a few hours, he slips into a coma. There, he dreams of the scene of the accident and waits in the tunnel.

His girlfriend emerges, wearing a flowing dress and hugs him. On the outside, she is a ghost, willing him to live. She listens to the doctors and sleeps by his bedside. Unfortunately, she didn’t survive the accident. She was dead on arrival. Seeing his spirit gave her some peace but she believes he needs a second chance at life. He always loved music. She finds her earbuds and begins to dancing, hoping the sound will help. He taps his fingers and she knows he will be okay. However, he is alone. Grieving his girlfriend will be the next challenge.

A moving story in which no one really recovers. The girlfriend believes she was the cause, begging him for a ride. She feels as her final act, she must give him a second chance. But her boyfriend will blame himself, replaying the accident over and over in his mind. Every girlfriend he will compare to her. He won’t every truly move on.

Director: Phillip R. Lopez Year: 2017

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